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Rye bread

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sky1010 Thu 07-Jan-16 22:13:27

I know all bread even wholegrains are carbs and therefore sugar, but bear with me...

I dislike salads unless they are super fancy (and cannot be bothered with too much faff) and the cooked vegetables I like are high carb and starchy. I don't mind Mediterranean veg (pepper/onion/courgette) but I eat it all the time and I was bored tonight.

I had some rye bread in for a guest, so I looked at the carb content and for the teensy slice I had, it was 6g of carbs. Also read some testimonials on diabetic forums who claim it does not spike their blood sugar.

I toasted it and had it under some buttery lemony haddock and some spinach and it was the loveliest, most satisfying thing I had in a while.

Do you reckon a small portion of rye bread with some leaves and protein a few times a week for dinner would stall me?

MsRinky Fri 08-Jan-16 22:52:38

You can only try it and see, we are all different. My low carb life has been transformed since I discovered that I can eat potatoes without stalling.

SquadGoals Sat 09-Jan-16 16:44:49

Except for a slice of rye bread before the gym, I eat low carb.

I've lost over 4kg in a month (including 2 weeks over Christmas and NY where I wasn't low carbing or exercising) so it seems to work for me.

Second Rinky - I think you have to see what you can and can't tolerate. I think it also depends on whether you are looking to lose a lot, not have a lot to lose or are maintaining.

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