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Are there any primal or paleo eaters around?

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KinkyDorito Fri 23-Oct-15 09:48:33

I'm new to this, trying it for health reasons (although do need to lose weight).

I wondered what difference eating this way has made to people.

Blodss Fri 23-Oct-15 23:53:27

Hi Kinky. I eat this way both for health and I have lost weight with it too.
I started at the end of June and have lost over a stone. I hadn't been able lose weight for the last 3 years (although I didn't gain) and eating this way has seen the weight come off slowly. I feel better too and don't ache or get stiff and my menopausal hot flushes are gone. It was cutting out diary that really seemed to stop them (all those hormones in cows milk).

KinkyDorito Sat 24-Oct-15 13:56:07

Hi Blodss. I thought it was just going to be me for a while there! I'm on Day 5, feeling okay but my stomach is not loving me at the moment. I think I'm adapting to the fat.

I have fibromyalgia and I've read that this can help. I'm willing to try anything, even starting to eat meat again after 26 years.

It's good to hear you've done really well on it. Thanks thanks thanks.

Blodss Sat 24-Oct-15 20:02:08

I don't eat extra fat. I only tend to eat fat if it comes with the food as in avocado, chicken with skin, full fat mince steak etc. I don't eat dairy at all.
I do make some lovely paleo treats though which are yummy. I use pure maple syrup or date nectar to sweeten things. I get IBS and migraines and I have found that this way of eating really helps. Also my body feels less stiff.

helenahandbag Mon 26-Oct-15 09:23:10

I've done some googling but there is so much conflicting information out there - can someone tell me what the difference is between paleo, primal and normal low carbing?

I'm currently low carbing, keeping my carb count under 30g a day and I'm avoiding all dairy except butter and cheese.

Blodss Mon 26-Oct-15 21:18:11

From what I understand paleo is non dairy, no legumes, no wheat, no sugar, no processed food and basically eating fruit, veg, meat, fish, nuts etc. You can eat sweet treats which you make yourself using almond or coconut flour and can sweeten with dates or maple. Just really healthy food and you don't add lots of added fat to food.

Blodss Mon 26-Oct-15 21:20:00

This may explain better

craftynclothy Mon 26-Oct-15 21:23:16

Yes I have gone paleo. Lost over a stone in 8 weeks and feel so much better. I don’t miss anything but I do find it hard eating out (particularly in kid friendly places). I also allow myself an alcoholic drink in the pub on Friday night.

I like the primal pantry bars for a snack on the go (could probably make them much cheaper but it's convenient)

FuckyNell Wed 28-Oct-15 10:23:37

I am paleo and eat dairy, also sweet potatoes. It's only advisable to cut out dairy if you have an intolerance to it, which I don't. Bonus because I love love love Greek yogurt and blueberries.

I too like the primal bars with the exception of the coconut one which I find a bit odd/greasy tasting sometimes.

Blodss Wed 28-Oct-15 18:20:49

FuckyNell I don't eat dairy and am paleo as I believe it is bad for our health, especially women. The high levels of oestrogen is detrimental and not to be taken lightly.

KinkyDorito Fri 30-Oct-15 15:16:20

Fucky sweet potatoes are addictive. I never thought I would be writing that. I think I have a problem. grin

I've been adding fat for calories, but have certainly cut back from the start which has settled my stomach down. I think I'm about half a stone lighter, but, more importantly, I'm starting to feel better.

I have been following Mark's Daily Apple, primal, so have just added in some butter and the odd cheeky splash of cream in my coffee as per his advice. I do vary though with extra virgin olive oil.

I'm wondering if my years of 'healthy' soya milk is what's to blame for current crappy health Blodss, given its oestogen level.

I've also started to eat red meat and chicken again after nearly 27 years without it, so that has been odd. Getting there though.

Blodss Fri 30-Oct-15 15:38:49

Hi Kinky. Great news that you are doing well. I have lost another pound but it is slow going.
With regards to soya, I have read that its ok if its fermented soya which is how the Asians consume it. Soya milk here is generally not from fermented soya. The fermented is meant to be healthy for us and as a plant oestrogen it is beneficial in small quantities. Dairy on the other hand seems to be not good because of the naturally high levels of oestrogen.

I think its a case of doing your research and being happy with your own choices.
Im on another thread that is low carb and being going for while. You would be very welcome.

KinkyDorito Fri 30-Oct-15 16:39:24

Thanks Blodss thanks thanks. What is the thread called?

Blodss Fri 30-Oct-15 18:24:16

Hope that takes you to it

KinkyDorito Sat 31-Oct-15 08:24:53

It does, thanks smile.

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