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Tootyfilou Sat 03-Oct-15 21:33:38

Hi all been low carbing for a week an already lost 4lbs smile slightly anxious about amount of water I am meant to drink for my weight.
I am happy to drink it , but there seems to be conflicting advice re safe amounts to drink. Do not want to have cerebral odema !
Any advice ?

SharkSkinThing Sun 04-Oct-15 08:15:06

Me too...should be drinking 3l but in reality probably 2l. I try and down 2 pints when I get up, then just have a jug of water on my desk. Then 2 more pints once I get home. Anymore and my bladder I going to explode!

I think just drink as much as you feel comfy with?

Well done on your weight loss! First weigh in for me tomorrow...confused

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