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Please help me with a diet plan

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ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 14-Aug-15 12:30:39

Hi everyone,

Obviously I am here as I need to lose weight. I have been working evenings for the past year and a it, and in that time I have found it impossible to even start a diet. (I have previously had some success with calorie counting / weight watchers when working a standard 9-5).

I am hoping that some very nice people will help me to come up with a plan. Really I need to come up with a plan that fits my typical work day for now. I don't mind if I end up eating the same thing every day / every other day for now. I just need a plan that is easy to stick to, and I do not hate!! Then once I have been following this woe for a little while, I can look through recipes and adapt my eating plan etc.

So, here is the challenge folks:
- I work 3-9pm. No breaks. I can eat at my desk, but whilst I work. That really only lends itself to sandwiches / snacky things or smoothies / shakes.
- I'm not really a breakfast person. I feel queasy eating too early, and will often just have a cup of tea. At most I will have a smoothie.
- I am a carb addict!!!!
- I am not a lover of fruit and veg. I do eat it, but veges need to be eating with a sauce / gravy etc
- I do not want to spend hours each day preparing a midday meal before I go to work (I have DD during the day, and want to spend time playing with her etc, not stuck in the kitchen)
- I am not a confident cook

Things that might help:
- I have a new slow cooker that I need to christen :-) I am thinking it would be good to batch cook, and freeze meals into portions
- I do have a breville blender for making smoothies, and lots of frozen fruit ready to go
- No school run to do yet, so I am normally awake about 8am. I tend to go to bed late, around 1am.

I would prefer to follow a low (but not very low) carb eating plan. I have PCOS, and the insulin resistance to go with it, and would like to lower my blood sugar levels (my morning bloods this week were 5.44!!)

Can anybody please suggest some meals and/or eating times?? I would be very grateful.
And any other tips to help me sort myself out. Thanks!!! :-)

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