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low carb/LCHF and calories

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mrswhiskers Wed 24-Jun-15 19:48:22

I've been eating LCHF for the past 3 weeks. I log everything on mfp and am generally keeping to 20-30g carbs daily. I am however eating a lot more calories than I feel I should be. my TDEE is around 2000 calories but I'm eating at least 2300 most days, often more.
I feel most of the 'extra ' calories are coming from the fat (coconut oil/butter) and also the cream I take in my drinks. Double cream has a lot of calories!
has anyone else found they eat a load more calories on LC and still lose weight?
I'm not really looking to lose weight but I'm afraid of putting it on!

helenahandbag Thu 25-Jun-15 09:42:45

I'm eating around 1600kcal a day with 100g+ of fat and 20g net carbs. I couldn't get MFP to tell me the net carbs, only total carbs so I'm using Fat Secret instead. I lost 8.5lbs and 2" from my waist in my first week. I have 50lbs to lose though. I try to stick to my daily limit but if I burn more than 600kcal at the gym I'll eat maybe 100-200kcal back.

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