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Confused about leeks!

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therenter Sun 21-Jun-15 17:59:03

Can someone explain to me where leeks fit into a low carb diet plz? I went out shopping with dh today (who has joined me on my low carb lifestyle) and we were selecting veg. Shopping in Aldi and the the leeks say on them 2.9g carbs per 100g - 2.2g fibre per 100g.
Great thinks I and have cooked up some baked leeks wrapped in ham in a garlic cheese and cream sauce with ground flaxseed crumb. It was yummy.
Just out of interest though I googled the carb content of leeks (after I had eaten them) and it came up as 14g of carbs per 100g!!
How can that be so different then on the packet?
They are on the allowed list of atkins Induction (I am not following atkins by the way just stumbled across it).
Does anyone know the true carb value of leeks as this has really confused me and I don't know if I have over carbed my dinner now? Dh and I had a whole leek each out of a 3 pack with a total weight of 500g shock

Fluffybrain Tue 23-Jun-15 13:39:54

I'm on Atkins and checked on my Atkins app and it said 11g net carbs in 1 leek. Instead of leeks you could try asparagus. 2.4g for 1 cup. Lovely smothered in butter.

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