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30 lbs in 3 months, doable?

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PrincessGeorge Fri 15-May-15 04:13:52

I have 3 months this Saturday before I go on a 'Big Holiday'. We have saved and saved for this and I want to feel slim(mer) and enjoy it. I figure I do better with nice round numbers (god I'm puntastic tonight!) so thought 30lbs would be a good target. I'm fairly hefty now ... Around 225 and 5'9" ... Any tips/tricks? Words of advice? Thanks all!!

SillyBub Sat 16-May-15 11:38:31

I did exactly 30lbs in 12 weeks from January to April ahead of my holiday. 6 weeks on and I've lost a further half a stone. I've gone from over 13 stone to low 10 stone and I'm 5'7". I feel bloody brilliant!

I found it really easy and still am. I have just been low-carbing, not boot camp, no calculating exact amount of carbs consumed and most importantly, no cheating.

Good luck!

PrincessGeorge Sat 16-May-15 18:31:43

Wow that is impressive .. Glad to hear it worked ... By low carb, what worked best? Cutting out the obvious sugar, wheat, spuds etc? Were you super strict with fruit? Any booze?

Whenwillwe3meetagain Tue 16-Jun-15 16:28:00

Princess I'm same height and weight as you and keen to find a low GI diet too so will follow this post.

Fluffybrain Sun 21-Jun-15 17:50:09

I've lost 18lbs in 5 weeks on veggie Atkins. Good luck.

therenter Sun 21-Jun-15 18:11:05

I lost 28 pounds in 90 days (and that was with time off for good behaviour/holiday binging) so totally doable I should think.

ditavonteesed Sun 21-Jun-15 18:20:16

I came on to say don't be silly, then I checked my graph on myfitnesspal and realised I have lost 14lbs in 6 weeks, so based on that yes it is doable. Low carbing is ace.

panevino Mon 29-Jun-15 10:31:28

How are you getting on OP?

I need to lose a similar amount in the same timescale for the same reason and have had success with low carb before but struggle to stick to it long term. REALLY don't want to feel good on holiday though so am thinking I just need to stop making excuses and get on with it!!!

helenahandbag Tue 30-Jun-15 09:56:29

Today is my second low carb weigh in and I'm down 11.5lbs after two weeks shock

I have 8 and a half weeks until we go on holiday, a round total of 30lbs by then would be lovely! grin

Fluffybrain Sun 05-Jul-15 08:23:27

I lost 12 lb in first 2 weeks and since then the weight loss has slowed to 2lbs per week. Initially I was disappointed with this as I do not cheat at all. But as the weight loss is consistent I am sticking with it and am in it for the long run. Now lost 22lbs in 7 weeks.

Fluffybrain Mon 17-Aug-15 22:51:10

Well I realised I have been doing this 3 months to the day and I have lost 32 lbs so the answer is yes it is doable!

panevino Tue 18-Aug-15 12:40:44

Woo hoo! That's fantastic! Were you super strict?

Fluffybrain Tue 18-Aug-15 15:11:40

Fairly strict. I've had no bread, potatoes, pasta or rice or sweet things. My idea of a treat is a couple of squares of very dark chocolate or a gin and slimline tonic.

FreedomSkree Thu 27-Aug-15 01:07:53

I lost 35lb in slightly under 8 weeks on CNS, the ability to eat a substantial amount of carbs every week is very helpful.

whitershadeofpale Thu 27-Aug-15 01:13:00

What's CNS? That seems an insane amount to loose in such a short time.

FreedomSkree Sat 29-Aug-15 20:07:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FreedomSkree Sat 29-Aug-15 20:08:52

It's not just fat loss either, I feel better on this diet than I pretty much ever did before.

Tiggeryoubastard Sat 29-Aug-15 20:15:59

Watching with interest. silly I think you've got me fired up.

Blodss Mon 31-Aug-15 15:30:53

FreedomSkree this is a link to a webpage that wants you to buy a book for $27

Blodss Mon 31-Aug-15 15:33:27

Freedom could you outline the book for us and tell us what you ate and how often you carbloaded?

FreedomSkree Mon 31-Aug-15 21:19:09

It's a high protein/high fat/ultralow carb diet that switches once every 6.5 days to low fat/high carb. This stimulates fat burning hormones and does other stuff something something.

Most days I eat meat and eggs, but on carb nite I pretty much carb myself into a food coma. Ice cream, chocolate, meringues, pasta, amaretti, etc.

There are things I have to stay away from though, HFCS in all its forms is the enemy.

FreedomSkree Mon 31-Aug-15 21:22:20

Also alcohol, generally.

Blodss Mon 31-Aug-15 23:24:03

Thanks Freedom.

cardoon Tue 01-Sep-15 13:20:46

So you switch to stuffing your face with low fat carbs half a day a week? Sounds interesting but surely ice cream and chocolate are not low fat...are you losing weight?

cardoon Tue 01-Sep-15 16:37:32

I like the sound of this method BTW!

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