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Unexpected downsides of weight loss….

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Boardingblues Sat 09-May-15 13:54:59

There are many pluses of course, but there are some aspects that I had not foreseen….

I love reading on the loo… but my reduced bum provides less padding to counter that hard seat!

Prized items in my wardrobe are now in need of significant alteration or a trip to the local women's refuge (not such a bad thing I grant you)

Shop assistants are now bothering me more in shops - I love shopping but it is a solitary activity for me and I like it that way.

I have encountered "diet envy" where people undermining my attempts to diet and offering me food that they know that I deliberately avoiding.

There are many positives that outweigh (ha!) these grips… but has anyone else found any other unexpected issues?

JaniceJoplin Sat 09-May-15 13:56:13

Stretch marks!

WhenMarnieWasThere Sat 09-May-15 13:58:43

Gallbladder issues. Not me, I had lost lots of weight a couple of years ago, but slowly but it found me again and brought some friends . I've read lots of people on here who have had gallbladder issues after losing a lot of weight quickly.

Boardingblues Sat 09-May-15 14:05:13

Gripes not grips!

No stretch mark issues and my gallbladder went years ago (due to a deformity not diet)

MalletsMallet Sat 09-May-15 15:38:36

I'm one who had gallstones after losing weight quickly. I've lost over 6 stone since June last year and had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago. The annoying thing is my slimming world consultant has never heard that rapid weight loss causes gallstones to form and she looked at me like I was making it up when I told her!

I now find that people just want to talk about my weight loss all the time. Every time I see DM she makes a comment like "look at how skinny you are" (I'll never be skinny) or "I can't get used to you being so skinny".
People at work obsessing over what food I bring in to eat and demanding break-downs of what I eat on a daily basis.

StGodolphin Sat 09-May-15 15:56:34

My face looks different.

Extra skin that I dont want.

Better skin and fewer spots.

Boardingblues Sat 09-May-15 18:09:37

My husband said "Bloody hell you can see that you have lost weight in that outfit" I grew with pride!

"The only problem is that is makes your face look a lot older" I went out shopping for potions at that point.

Mega-facial booked for tomorrow.

toffeeboffin Sun 10-May-15 01:47:16

Smaller boobs.

Jealous comments, 'Oh, are you anorexic now or what?'.

I weigh ten stones. I don't think anyone diagnosed with anorexia ever weighed ten stones!

senrensareta Sun 10-May-15 01:56:52

Weight loss definitely causes sagging. I am in my 50s so am at the age to be prone to that anyway but I am developing a really doughy look to my tummy and thighs. I'm worried I'll end up with one of those horrid "aprons".
I was also told recently by a frozen faced beautician that I should have fillers as my jawline has dropped

Re gallstones. The people I have heard complaining of this have all lost weight with Slimming World. Is that a coincidence? Am I wrong and is it more general?

StGodolphin Wed 27-May-15 21:14:19

I can tumble dry my clothes now as I am not so worried about shrinking them smile

AmelieinOz Thu 04-Jun-15 21:25:31

I don't think my face looks older (actually younger) but the neck is a different story. I now have saggy, chicken neck.

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