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Day 2 - 2lbs lost overnight - this is what I had on day one

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TooGoodyTwoShoes Thu 12-Feb-15 10:52:20

So I started low(ish) carbing yesterday. I had:

Breakfast - A bowl of all bran (9g carbs once the fibre is taken out and milk added on) and greek yogurt (5g).

Lunch - Tuna Salad (4g) and a bag of quavers (10g)

Dinner - Fish, few chips and peas (30g)

Supper treat - 6 squares of black chocolate (5g).

Altogether - 63g.

I'm aiming to stick below 75g a day.

This morning I'd lost 2lbs after previously been stuck at 11st 4lbs for ever :D

SayraT Fri 13-Feb-15 21:44:24

I am glad that it seems to have helped but if you are in the UK and looking at UK nutritional labels then you don't take the fibre away from the carbs.

I don't know what the carb content of your food would have been but it will be more than 63g for sure.

Well done on the loss though smile

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