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Which coconut oil brand do you find tastes best?

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2ofstedsin24weeksistakingthep Sun 25-Jan-15 23:23:01

I've been using coconut oil for about 7 months now and think it's amazing. I initially tried it for oil pulling and to use as a moisturiser but then discovered the health benefits of including it in my diet. I currently use Tiana and am hoping to switch to a slightly cheaper brand, but don't want to lose out on taste. Which brands would you recommend and which should I avoid? TIA

LoofahVanDross Sun 25-Jan-15 23:30:21

i buy groovy virgin coconut oil. £5.00 in tesco. I have a couple of spoons a day but also use it as a moisturiser. Been using it about a year i suppose.

2ofstedsin24weeksistakingthep Mon 26-Jan-15 22:34:03

Thank you. I might give it a go as it would be easier to get hold of although is slightly more expensive than Tiana.

Littlepumpkinpie Sat 31-Jan-15 17:47:58

I was using Lucy bee coconut oil but now use chi from Costco. I have tried a few others all taste the same to me.

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