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If you only eat vegetables from above ground, what do you put in soup?

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MaudBaker Sun 11-Jan-15 14:38:56

Just that - new to all this.

SpottyTeacakes Sun 11-Jan-15 14:42:01


Chickpea and lentil
Spiced tomato
Umm chicken noodle
Pea (and ham)

SpottyTeacakes Sun 11-Jan-15 14:43:39

Oh I just saw this is in low carb diets. Scrap my ideas grin


miffy49 Sun 11-Jan-15 15:52:06

My favourite is broccoli and or cauliflower. If you go to the Boot Camp section recipe thread theres loads of ideas there.

BIWI Mon 12-Jan-15 07:54:35

Why restrict it to veg from above the ground?

As long as you're not using potato, sweet potato, sweet potato or beetroot, you can include root vegetables in soup.

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