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Has anyone tried Julia Ross's The Diet Cure?

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Felina Mon 29-Dec-14 13:59:27

It seems to recommend low-carbing and having lots of good fats, but in conjunction with supplementing with amino acids, in order to get rid of cravings for the wrong types of foods, alcohol etc.

I am really interested and have done the questionnaire on the website, bought the book etc., but have not bought any supplements at this stage. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and what results you got?

You can order the supplements from her website but that's in the U.S. so presumably you can get the same things from a shop here, but I've got confused about differing quality supplements etc!

Please, any comments? I want to knock my cravings on the head once and for all. They always come along and hijack my low carbing!

SparklesForEveryone Mon 29-Dec-14 14:07:29

Not read it - but any diet that requires you to buy their own branded supplements is not a good idea i think

I've been taking 'Lifeplan Dietary Fibre' which fills me up a little bit (gone to pot of course over christmas) but its not a 'diet' i am following, and i am not paying anyone for the privilege of their advice

Felina Mon 29-Dec-14 14:53:34

Well she doesn't say you have to buy her brand of supplements like I said in my OP

Dr Briffa recommends her.

Felina Tue 30-Dec-14 10:50:57

So no one has heard of this sad

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