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Cambridge diet

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Pitapotamus Sat 13-Dec-14 22:33:23

Does anyone know whether there is a minimum amount of weight you need to be to be eligible to start the Cambridge diet? I have a healthy BMI but have loads of fat around my tummy after having the kids and nothing seems to shift it. I like the idea of Cambridge because it removes the thought process and effort around shopping cooking and calorie counting that other diets have (and it has quick results!). If anyone knows whether there is a minimum weight loss goal or a minimum BMI you have to be I'd be very interested to know what the thresholds are to see if I'm eligible.

SoleSource Sun 14-Dec-14 14:53:23

One stone overweight for step one according to your BMI. Higher steps 2 - 5 have different rules.

blueberry1972 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:40:53

You need to be 1stone above Minimum BMI of 20.
Have a look at they have a BMI tool on there. I've been following their plan since last January. It's fantastic not only for weight loss but my skin looks so much better, my hair is great condition as are my nails grin

SoleSource Fri 30-Jan-15 18:21:13

Lovely positive PST blueberry

So many people slags off VLCD as they do not posess the mental strength and also state but you put all the weight back on


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