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please humour me: carbs/protein/fat ratios?

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pixiegumboot Wed 19-Nov-14 15:25:31

I like to measure and record what I'm doing. read somewhere that 30% protein is the max to eat in a day. Is this right?

pootlebug Thu 20-Nov-14 09:39:10

I've read various ways of measuring protein - on a % of bodyweight basis, on a % of nutrients basis, etc. And different researchers / diets / experts suggest different levels.

If you're low carbing, you need to eat more fat than protein, especially if you want to achieve ketosis (as protein is converted to carbs in your body and so too much protein will stop ketosis even if you limit other carbs quite a lot). You should in essence be replacing most carbs with fat, not with too much additional protein.

miffy49 Fri 21-Nov-14 13:29:20

Opinions seem to vary but most say that you need to look at actual grams rather than a percentage. It also depends on how much extra weight you are carrying as to what you base the calculation on. If you are close to target then use your actual weight. If you have a lot to lose then its better to work on your lean mass. It also varies as to how active you are. All the experts have their own ideas. I think the average is around 0.8gr per kg lean mass but it goes up for body building.

If you are new to low carb I wouldn't worry at this stage. Get settled into the WOE first. Protein helps in the early days when you are turning over to fat burning as it is filling and helps fend off cravings. It can cause stalls later because people who have low carbed for ages are more efficient at using fat for fuel so their need for protein drops.

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