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I know low carb would work for me but it's so hard :(

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polealltheway Mon 10-Nov-14 22:56:18

I am 2 stone over weight and have been trying to loose it for years hmm

I know low carb would work but I find it hard not to have any carbs! Also I don't like to eat a lot of meat so find it hard.

Can I low carb with tofu and quorn instead of meat?

I am just under 11 stone hmm how much can I loose in a month? As that's how long I have until I go on holiday!

ppeatfruit Tue 11-Nov-14 16:24:18

poleall For speed I would cut out all wheat, coffee and tea (if you od on them) and alcohol. Eat fruit on an empty stomach . Use ryvitas and pure rye bread if you crave bread (Waitrose do a lovely rye loaf).

You may need to rest up for a weekend otherwise you'll feel shxx if you normally have a lot of caffeine!

polealltheway Tue 11-Nov-14 18:33:58

Thank you for the reply grin

I don't drink tea or coffee I do drink 1 diet coke everyday at work though confused

ChippingInAutumnLover Tue 11-Nov-14 18:39:56

Yes low carb would work. I low carb as a non egg eating vegetarian, you can do it. It's only a month! Go and join BIWI & The Team!

It's low carb, not no carb, but if you mean 'no' as in 'obvious carbs' then yes, it's hard at first, but it's a good healthy way to lose a stone quickly and you won't be hungry.

ppeatfruit Wed 12-Nov-14 10:56:53

Oh blimey leave the diet cxxe for the rubbish bin. Have you heard the latest research they've done on the 'sweeteners'? They make you fat!!!!

They change the gut bacteria so it doesn't help you lose weight rather the opposite!!!!!!!

ppeatfruit Wed 12-Nov-14 10:58:04

Normal sugar in small doses is better than the artificial sweeteners!

blodwen88 Sun 16-Nov-14 10:36:20

is stevia, the plant extract sweetener ok?

chloeb2002 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:16:10

Stevia is not ok. It's very very far removed from a stevia leaf! Also it's a pharmaceutical grade product that's known to have neurotoxic side effects. Banned in increasing developed countries. Sugar is small amounts, or go without wink

cauliflowerfairy Sat 20-Dec-14 06:21:38

Listen to PPeat fruit!

I cut out wheat (not gluten,just wheat) 6 weeks ago and have lost 10lbs in virtue of this change alone!! I also feel like I have a bit more strength n energy (that's not saying much)

I read a book called "wheat belly" - very interesting - wheat makes you addicted. I'm just not as hungry as I used to be
have also made effort to cut down on sugar but I still have a bit if I fancy it.

Blood sugar spikes are lethal to weight loss!!

If you need ideas n inspiration I'd look at James Duigan's clean and lean diet, it is fantastic

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