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Low carb & coconut oil - success?

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Rox19 Fri 07-Nov-14 23:48:16


I'm hypothyroid and been low carbing for ages losing nothing.

Then shoplemented with 1tbs coconut oil a day and waist/ abdomen has firmed up so much and lost total of 30cm from my body and 7lb in 2wks.

Is this just thyroid dosage working properly or have other people had the same?

It must be the coconut oil as I was doing exactly the same for 2m before (also bf 7mo baby so don't know if return of periods had something to do with weight shift?)

What's others experiences?

TimeForMeAndDD Sun 23-Nov-14 22:43:37

Hi Rox19, I swear by coconut oil. 2tbs per day and I am in ketosis within 2 days. Energy levels are amazing as a result too. I also have underactive thyroid and taking coconut oil can alter my levels, resulting in needing less thyroid medication.

I've tried many brands but have just discovered Lucy Bee Organic Fairtrade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is absolutely divine.

Rox19 Sun 23-Nov-14 22:49:02

Yes I'm using Lucy bee too.
Really hope it carries on working! Once I'm under 13s (praying!!) will get thyroid med changed again, on 75mg ATM.
Let us know how you get on!
Makes my teeth look whiter as well and hair is shinier grin

TimeForMeAndDD Sun 23-Nov-14 22:55:03

I'm 13s too! The only time I have ever been this heavy is when pregnant! I've just taken myself in hand and returned to low carbing. I had let the coconut oil use lapse too but am back on track.

I'm on 250mg, have been for many years. Blood tests every 6 months.

Coconut oil has many uses, it's amazing stuff. You can use it directly on your skin and hair and for oil pulling. It's great for the digestive system too.

Yes, I will definitely let you know how I get on, it's good to have someone to share the journey with smile

jmtj Mon 24-Nov-14 14:18:18

I just bought some but have no idea how to use it!
How do u consume it?

TimeForMeAndDD Mon 24-Nov-14 14:57:22

I just eat it off the spoon but you can cook with it or put it in your coffee. It does tend to float on the top though so have a spoon handy and keep stirring.

jmtj Tue 25-Nov-14 10:05:31

Thanks for the suggestion.
Tried it with my coffee this morning and was pleasant enough!
Did try it off the spoon but it freaked me out too much hmm

TimeForMeAndDD Tue 25-Nov-14 23:16:08

grin start with a teaspoon full, put it under your tongue and just let it melt, while at the same time taking sips of a hot drink. You will get used to it.

It's also good for oil pulling, If you have a problem with blocked sinuses this works a treat!

jmtj Wed 26-Nov-14 16:20:30

Had a go at oil pulling this morning ��
However may have overdone it yesterday with 3 tbsn in a smoothie and coffee as it did have a mild diuretic effect I wasn't expecting!!
Thank u so much for the suggestions grin

TimeForMeAndDD Wed 26-Nov-14 19:43:43

grin I forgot to mention the bowel action!!

You are welcome re the suggestions, I'm pleased to be of help.

jmtj Wed 26-Nov-14 20:27:21

I've been googling coconut oil today and am now off to try making some choc fat bombs to help with my choc cravings grin

TimeForMeAndDD Wed 26-Nov-14 23:00:31

grin Very nice!

Don't you just love it!

ChesterDrawers Thu 27-Nov-14 10:24:53

If you use a stick blender or milk frother when you add it to your coffee it emulsifies and turns into a frothy latte almost.

I use 1 tbsp of unsalted butter and 1 tbsp coconut oil, blended, and have this most mornings either before or with breakfast.

'Tis lovely, but can take a bit of getting used to.

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