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Messed up - hope I haven't undone my hard work

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Octopus37 Thu 23-Oct-14 18:49:01

Have been low carbing (not bootcamp strictest) for three and a half weeks, have had a couple of lapses (until today), 1 pain au chocolat one day, a meal out another day, a biscuit one day - prob about 5 small lapses in total, but have been good on the whole, eating nuts, cheese, omelettes, Muffins in a minute, greek yoghurt with a small serving of berries, meat etc. Have been feeling leaner and better (have lost a few pounds, only have a small amount to lose), but today haven't felt that well. Had my usual muffin in a minute with almond butter for breakfast, salt and vinegar peanuts for lunch (know that was about 24g carbs, but aiming for lowish not bootcamp) and some greek yoghurt with berries mid afternoon. For my dinner, really couldnt face an omelette or meat or anything, have ended up eating a packet of belvita biscuits and 6 other biscuits. Am not going to eat anything else now and I am not going for an all out binge, will eat normally tomorrow, just really fancied what I had as haven't felt well today. Also find that if I eat too much fibre (a muffing in a minute and a few berries is top end of what is ok for me) I get a bad stomache, today has been one of those days. Hoping that I haven't regained the few pounds that I have lost cause of today. Am looking at eating lo carb as a WOL thing, have found it easier than other diets although have gone wrong today on the whole. Hope someone can tell me it will be ok.

Panad Fri 24-Oct-14 01:14:20

It will be oksmile . You may have got away with it completely or you may find you have put a couple of pounds on but it is generally water weight I think, so if this happens it should go again in a few days of being back on the wagon.

BiWitched Fri 24-Oct-14 14:29:56

Where is your veg?! Why aren't you eating any salad?! That isn't a healthy diet you're following at all.

Octopus37 Fri 24-Oct-14 16:45:16

I have been eating some veg and salad and also a small amount of berries most days with full fat greek yoghurt. TBH if I eat too much veg it doesn't suit me. The biscuits are not a regular thing, it was a real lapse. Unfortunately weight did show up as water today, but today so far have eaten:

Muffin in a minute with almond butter
Some fried halloumi cheese
I have just finished some berries with full fat greek yoghurt
Later on I am having some pate with lettuce and maybe another muffin in a minute.

Hard to try to get the balance right, felt as if I was doing well until this week. Have felt off all week but might have been a bug, tired and generally off with a bit of an upset stomach, was quite enjoying the diet up until then but missing chocolate and cakes, not bothered about pasta and chips etc. Feel as if I have got back on track today so hoping for onwards and downwards. Sometimes feel that its more of a fight when you are just trying to lose a few pounds.

Panad Fri 24-Oct-14 19:18:54

It should come off if you stick to it but don't do it too often as you will confuse your body if your going in and out of ketosis. I have to agree with BIWI though, you need to eat more salad and veg if you are to keep healthy. Doesn't have to be high in fibre.

Octopus37 Fri 24-Oct-14 19:56:48

Will bear that in mind, don't think I have been going low enough to go into ketosis. I normally eat loads of carbs so thought it would have had more of an effect but will keep going.

Doobiedoobedoobie Sat 25-Oct-14 09:53:08

Agree you need more veg but equally more food in general, I'd be starving if I ate as little as that! Essentially some almond butter, a few slices of cheese, yoghurt and some lettuce and pate in a whole day. I don't think that's anywhere near enough food tbh.

BiWitched Sat 25-Oct-14 10:03:23

I'm sorry, but that's really not eating properly. What low carb plan are you supposed to be following?

Panad Sat 25-Oct-14 11:48:46

Doobie on her original post she is eating cheese, eggs, meat, berries. yoghurt

Octopus37 Sat 25-Oct-14 15:52:13

Today I have eaten a muffin in a minute with peanut butter (sugar free) for breakfast). I then had an Atkins bar as a snack. For lunch I went to Nandos and had the mediterranean salad (lettuce, tomatos (admittedly a couple of sundried ones), olives, feta and celery) with extras of piri piri chicken and half an avocado). Think it had a paprika dressing on it, but didn't add any extra dressing, also shared some olives with my DS. Planning on an omelet tonight with stilton and mushrooms. Just trying to loosely lo-carb following the basis rules but not to bootcamp strictness.

Panad Sat 25-Oct-14 20:37:53

O that souhnu

Panad Sat 25-Oct-14 20:38:34


Panad Sun 26-Oct-14 01:44:57

Sorry about that. Was using my tablet and not getting anywhere.
Your food today sounds better.

Ditzy71 Mon 27-Oct-14 18:57:06

Octopus how are you doing?

Octopus37 Tue 28-Oct-14 17:44:50

Not too badly thanks, not perfect by any means. Had lost my password so couldn't log in for a couple of days. Today have eaten:
Muffin in a minute with sugar free peanut butter
Some cashews (60g bag) with lemon and coriander, know cashews not ideal but best I could find
2 babybels
About 100g of coleslaw
A small 72% choc bar from Morrisons (12.4g carbs)
I am munching on some olives and I am planning on a stilton and mushroom omlet for tea maybe followed by some greek yoghurt with a few berriesl.

Know this isn't ultra ultra low carb, but loads lower than I am used to. I'm guessing about 50g in total, maybe slightly more Have another two pounds to lose (four would be even better) to get to my target weight but would like to maintain afterwards. Hoping that I going low enough. Problem I am having is the expense of some of the recipes, I was going to make a low carb cake today, but couldnt believe how expensive the ingredients were, (£3.50 for enough ground almonds) and about the same for the spenda, cake would have cost about £7 to make in total, hence why I ended up a small (35g) high cocoa choc bar instead, as I am finding not eating sweet things loads harder than foregoing bread and pasta etc.

Ditzy71 Tue 28-Oct-14 18:48:27

Sounds good. I made biscuits with ground almonds the other day but didn't like them. My favourite are peanut butter cookies. There are loads of low carb peanut butter cookes on the internet.
All you need is a jar of sugar free peanut butter, egg and sweetner/sugar/maple/honey and mix it together and cook. Yum
I have them for breakfast.

Octopus37 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:14:09

Wonder if you could do the same with almond butter. Unfortunately don't like peanuts and sweet things together, know that is wierd. How much sweetner would I need?

Ditzy71 Tue 28-Oct-14 23:47:35

it is suggested that if you want to do them low carb to use granulated stevia or other sweetner. I myself use a honey or maple.

Im doing low carb but from a paleo influence.

Octopus37 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:58:35

Hows everyone doing? I fell off the wagon yesterday, mainly with pumpkin pie and a couple of drinks. Have been back on track today though:

Muffin in a minute with almond butter
A few balti peanuts (know they only contained about 8g of carbs Mper 100g)
Some 72% dark choc (about 40g), worked out this was prob about 12g
A small portion of greek yoghurt with berries
A plate of bolognese made with turkey mince, red onion (only one for a massive pan of it as know onion quite carby), chopped toms (2 cans per big pan) and mushrooms, topped with lots of cheddar cheese.
May have a bit of almond butter before bed

Have also been drinking hot sugar free squash sometimes, stops my sweet cravings a bit and have had horrible cold. Guessing about 50g of carbs in there, poss a bit more

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