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herbal teas

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gillyginger Tue 01-Apr-14 19:06:48

Hi just wondering if drinking black unsweetened herbal teas would account for some of 3 litres of water that I am supposed to drink daily, thanks

chocoluvva Tue 01-Apr-14 22:36:11

Definitely. smile

ThatBloodyWoman Tue 01-Apr-14 22:37:49


Try some fennel for cleansing, it's lovely.

And camomile in the evening to help you relax.

iklboo Tue 01-Apr-14 22:41:51

I second fennel tea. It's lovely.

'Sleep Easy' tea is good at night. I think it's by Clipper. It has valerian in it.

chocoluvva Tue 01-Apr-14 23:23:36

Redbush is quite nice too.

gillyginger Wed 02-Apr-14 20:50:30

Thank you, that is good to hear, have managed to cut down my coffee alot, and drinking a lot more herbal, agree fennel is lovely, tulsi is also very nice.

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