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Confused with low carbing

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outtolunchagain Wed 26-Mar-14 07:03:07

Posted last week about how much I was enjoying low carbing and finding it easy to stick to, all of that is still true but after the first week when I lost half a stone, I have completely stalled, in fact cheated this morning and weighed and I have put on two pounds since two days ago.

Still sticking to it religiously, no bread, potatoes, alcohol, legumes ( except did have some sugar snap peas on Sunday) no alcohol and not one single cake or biscuit for a fortnight.

Feeling a bit discouraged , but really want to continue because I do feel better, AF this week and the PMT was so much better .

Any tips ?

WillieWaggledagger Wed 26-Mar-14 07:15:57

How long have you been low carbing? It's not entirely clear but I think two weeks?

You often lose well in the first week or so of low carbing because your glycogen stores empty, which can account for a few pounds, plus you lose some water weight (and probably some fat). All of this is great and very motivating, but not a realistic amount to lose on a weekly basis.

It's very common with low carbing to experience a 'whoosh' followed by no loss or even slight gains over a period of time, then another whoosh etc. Weight loss can also be affected by your period, stress, lack of sleep etc which all mean you have to keep on keeping on and it will eventually pay off. Weight loss isn't linear, and ultimately with low carbing you would hope to see an average loss of 1-2lb per week, though you may not see that actual loss on a weekly basis, some weeks more others less. This is a sustainable rate.

The reason why 2lb went on straight away after a cheat is likely due to the carbs replenishing the glycogen stores. It's not fat going straight back on, it's that glycogen+water weight which will drop off quickly with a couple of strict days. Also if you weigh after eating/drinking you are weighing the weight of that food too.

It sounds like you've been doing really well, just remember that low carbing isn't a quick fix so you have to persevere just like any way of eating, but it is relatively easy to stick to because you don't have blood sugar highs and lows and you can eat plenty of fat so you feel properly satiated.

Other than my comments above, are you eating plenty of fat and drinking plenty of water? Both of those are important. If you would like to post a few days' meals then I could see I some suggestions could be made?

WillieWaggledagger Wed 26-Mar-14 07:19:12

Sorry I didn't pay attention properly to your OP - if all else is going well I would put money on your period being the cause of you not seeing changes on the scales

But it may also have been a natural pause that the body seems to take from time to time after a bigger loss

Also, have you taken measurements with a tape measure? Often with low carbing you find your shape is changing though the number isn't moving on the scales

outtolunchagain Wed 26-Mar-14 07:41:12

Thanks , so reassuring .The cheat was weighing myself because I know you are only meant to weigh once a week, but it's interesting that you say one cheating carb could set it off.

I need to measure I think and also just keep going , I know I feel better and that's a plus in itself

WillieWaggledagger Wed 26-Mar-14 07:48:57

Ah sorry I see what you mean about the cheat now. It's probably your period, but it could just be a normal fluctuation, you might not have drunk enough water yesterday etc.

As you continue with low carbing you'll hopefully get a good understanding of how your body responds to different times of the month, activities, foods etc.

It's great that you feel good on it as that will help you keep on through the times when you don't see the motivational loss on the scales.

Mumelie Wed 26-Mar-14 14:46:05

Can I just encourage you to keep going and measure every week. Weight loss is not the same on this woe to others. I'm doing this for the second time and like you experienced a half stone loss in the first few weeks, then nothing - week 5 now and the scales have only just started to move again! Its easy to give up but if you take your measurements every week you can see a difference even if not on the scales. From week 2 to 5 I have lost several cms on my waist and hips but no change in weight.
Good luck x

NeverEndingLaundry Thu 27-Mar-14 08:21:41

Thanks Willie and Mumelie - I needed to hear that too. and outtolunch I've done nearly 3 weeks and had same experience as you. I think things are beginning to budge again though. Crosses fingers.

I just read that the amount of water weight you lug about can go up and down independently of fat loss by about 4lbs - so it can mask how well you are in fact doing.

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