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Low ish carb diet for ibs

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pickleandspud Wed 26-Feb-14 10:09:53

Hi, im new here, I have awful ibs with quite impressive bloating at times, very tired and get awful headaches, Quite tubby too
I've cut all bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, eating lots of veg though! My tummy is down 3 inches and I feel so much better already (10 days) 4 lbs off.
Made Spag Bol for family last night and I replaced my pasta for v thinly sliced courgette fried in fry light till lovely and brown. Was delicious! grin

lottieandmia Wed 26-Feb-14 10:55:01

Hi pickle - me too, I decided to do Atkins, partly to see if it helped my IBS and it has! I much prefer it to the low calorie diet I was eating before where I had stomach cramps and was always tired.

Mumelie Wed 26-Feb-14 12:05:24

Its totally cleared mine. Within days I have no pain. I slipped up over Xmas and tried WW and omg never again. I just can't digest pasta brown bread rice fruit. Good luck with low carb working for you grin

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