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What are the bad bits about a low carb diet - has it not worked for some people?

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StoneToGo Sun 16-Feb-14 18:21:12

There is a very good thread in the 5:2 section asking why 5:2 hasn't worked for some people, so I thought I would ask the same question here (also in weight loss chat as presumably not many people will be here if it hasn't worked).

For me, I lost stacks of weight last year low carbing, but as soon as a I had carbs again (not massed, just a few glasses of wine and bit of Easter chocolate) it piled on faster than ever and I am pretty much the heaviest I have ever been (still normal weight, but a stone over where I would ideally be). I'm just not sure how I would have introduced carbs more slowly if circumstances hadn't allowed it - ie holiday/work trip.

So, if it hasn't worked for you, or has worked but you put it (and more?) back on, please tell me about it!

pixiegumboot Mon 17-Feb-14 19:10:27

This is totally me!!! Maybe you are me?? I quite like this woe, but it can't be sustainable surely because of exactly what you say. What is the point, as I'm sure with WW or SW it wouldn't all pile back on virtually overnight?

lottieandmia Wed 19-Feb-14 16:42:17

Wine is not high carb if you choose a dry one like Sauvignon blanc. Once you've done induction it's ok to have one glass of wine a day apparently, though you must factor it into your carb count. It's probably the chocolate that did it as most chocolate is full of sugar.

StoneToGo Sun 23-Feb-14 13:56:17

Hello pixie - I don't think I'm you! How much did you put back on? I'm so fed up with my weight gain I have come full circle and may do a U-turn and go back on it. I'm wondering whether it was water that I put back on, then panicked and continued eating. I'm a bit of the 'oh no, I've put on three pounds, I may as well eat this tub of ice cream' mentality.

lottie flowers thank you - that is music to my ears!

justkeeponsmiling Sun 23-Feb-14 16:49:23

I've found that I have had the same problem as you in the past - brilliant weight loss on very low carb diet but as soon as I started eating some carbs again I put it all back on sad
What I've found sort of works for me is cutting back on the carbs but not cutting them out completely, as I'm not prepared to never have carbs again (life's too short and all that...), so for example I don't eat bread except for the odd slice of rye bread, one bottle of wine at weekends but nothing during the week, only a very small helping of pasta with loads of sauce and veg for tea, etc. Combined with some exercise my weight loss is a lot slower but I find it much easier to stick to, maybe because I feel this is a longterm way of life rather than a quick fix diet and I don't feel I'm missing out IYSWIM smile

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