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Slimming World to Harcombe?

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FourArms Mon 02-Dec-13 11:30:15

I've been doing SW since 29/8. Initially on EE and now mainly on red days.

However although I've lost 1lb short of 2
stone I haven't lost any weight this week and I've stuck to the plan with the exception of maybe not enough syns / HEB.

Have seen the Harcombe diet and this seems to be more like what I'm doing at the moment although I'll have to swap coffee and skimmed milk for herbal tea and stop my 10 a day satsuma habit ;)

Just wondered what people's losses had been in phase 1 switching from SW? My BMI is still in the low 30s so I've got plenty to lose!

FourArms Mon 13-Jan-14 07:43:15

Down another 0.4lb today smile

0.8lb to go for my 3 stone award smile smile

6.8lb for my Valentine's Day target of being in the 11 stone range - 4 weeks and 4 days to go so I need a 1.5lb/wk average loss. Still achievable smile

B - 2 x scramb eggs

Have a good day everyone smile

Notsurehowthathappened Mon 13-Jan-14 07:51:27

I am gutted today.

I have had a really good week, 4 days P2 / 3 P1. Carbs 18% = 423 carbs for the week (avg 60 carbs a day) and added a 6 mile walk yesterday.

Result = 0.2lb on !!!

Not sure where to go from here.

Notsurehowthathappened Mon 13-Jan-14 08:02:49

I am 5ft 4lb FA.

I was 7.5 stone before my daughter was born and 9 stone when I got married.

I have struggled with 2-3 stone ever since my early 40's losing it several times and then watching it all creep back on again.

This time I would like to lose it for good !!

kazzawazzawoo Mon 13-Jan-14 13:13:12

I haven't signed up for boot camp shock Low carb is too much for me, I prefer Harcombe, and it works for me.

kazzawazzawoo Mon 13-Jan-14 13:17:25

NotSure, just keep on keeping on wink You're doing fine and weight naturally fluctuates. It will come off eventually. I have always found that if I put a little on, I lose it later, if I'm sticking to the rules. If you find you're not losing, you need to make sure there's no hidden sugar, that you're not eating fat and carbs together, that you're drinking enough water.

perrinelli Mon 13-Jan-14 14:10:19

Just delurking to say hello - I started Harcombe last week and have read boot camp thread with interest but have not signed up and am going to stick giving Harcombe a try. After 5 days I'd lost 5lb. Going to try not to weigh myself too much though from now on as have a history of yoyoing etc. I think I've got about 2.5 stone to lose to get to the top end of my healthy bmi. I've found all your comments v useful so thankyou. I'm sticking with phase 1 for another week as I think I've got candida issues....

kazzawazzawoo Mon 13-Jan-14 19:20:46

Hi Perrinelli and welcome smilesmile

5 lbs is great! Well done smile

Notsurehowthathappened Mon 13-Jan-14 19:23:46

Hi Perri and welcome to this thread.

I have had a reflective morning trying to decide what to do about last week and as suggested kazz I will just keep going with Harcombe.

I am dissapointed, but as an eternal optimist I have counted the blessings (no cravings, lower blood glucose etc) and recognised that this is the first and only WOE that I can imagine continuing with forever. The science makes sense to me, I can eat porridge (the only breakfast I can stomach) and dont need to spend my life calorie counting.

As an incentive today I have signed up with the Harcombe website and have re-read the rules to mke sure I am not inadvertently sabotaging my weight loss.

I will also cut my milk back down to 2 cups of coffee a day just to ensure that it isn't increased milk that has caused the problem.

Notsurehowthathappened Mon 13-Jan-14 20:54:02

Oh and well done with your 5lb Perri

I had to read a bedtime story mid message and didn't realise I had forgotton to say how good that loss is for just 5 days !!

kazzawazzawoo Mon 13-Jan-14 21:26:04

I am struggling at work. Today I had scrambled egg (3 eggs!) with 2 rashers of bacon, for lunch HM chicken and veg soup and for dinner salmon with med veg.

However I was starving at work and had 2 (gluten free) cereal bars, a small bag of Brazil nuts and also a small bag of walnuts. Any ideas what I can take instead? I know I'm not meant to snack, but what could I have? I can't eat more egg! I might try taking cheese wrapped in salami.

On the plus side I said no to the biscuits offered round and my snacks were healthy.

Notsurehowthathappened Mon 13-Jan-14 22:45:15

Kazz am assuming the bacon & eggs was breakfast?

If I have got that right I suspect the soup hasn't got enough protien / fat to keep you satisfied all day.

What about:
- ham, corned beef or Tuna salad
- pate (check the pack to make sure it is low carb) and crudites
- grated carrot (not too much) and courgette, mixed with a tin of tuna fish & drizzled with a little sesame oil.
- home made meat loaf (leave out any carb ingredients and ramp up the flavour with shallots etc)

kazzawazzawoo Mon 13-Jan-14 23:13:17

Thanks NotSure smile

Yes the bacon and eggs was breakfast. I suspect you're right, the soup just isn't filling. I can't stand the thought of tuna at the mo (had tuna mayo salad a LOT last summer) but pâté and meatloaf sound good. Do you have a recipe for either? All the pâtés I see in the shops have a lot of rubbish in them hmm

FourArms Mon 13-Jan-14 23:52:56

NSHTH - what size will 9 stone make you? Very jealous that you're already below my target ;) I'm 5 ft 4 too. Perhaps 60g of carbs is above your threshold to lose weight? It does seem high. Will count mine for the day in a minute...

Great start Pereinelli - well done smile

KWW - scotch eggs coated in crumbled pork scratchings or olives?

FourArms Tue 14-Jan-14 00:09:09

Two scrambled eggs cooked in butter - 0g

Tuna mayo salad - tuna - 0g, mayo 0.3g, salad 6.8g
YV NLY - 9.8g

Roast chicken, cauli, sprouts & carrots with salad. 12g??? (3 florets of cauli, 6 sprouts and small spoon carrots).

4 coffees - 100ml milk? 8g

37g total?

kazzawazzawoo Tue 14-Jan-14 08:05:41

Fourarms, that's a lot of milk? Have you tried having cream instead? I think Harcombe allows cream. (Or coconut oil or butter?!!!)

FourArms Tue 14-Jan-14 08:25:36

Down 0.2lb today, but also Day 1 of TOTM. I knew it was coming from sore breasts, but had no abdominal pain at all. smile smile Also had no ovulation craving days this month that I noticed. I normally turn into a food monster then look at the calendar and realise why.

B - fried egg, bacon & mushrooms

Have a good day fellow THDers smile

FourArms Tue 14-Jan-14 08:27:49

I estimated the milk. I've no idea really - I'll try and measure today. I did try double cream but didn't enjoy it. Will try single this week. Or go back to lactofree milk.... Decisions decisions!

I haven't tried oil or butter. I can't imagine it....

Notsurehowthathappened Tue 14-Jan-14 09:40:15

Phew !! 2lb off today. Which makes 1.8lb off last week. Clearly yesterday's weigh in was a blip (unless todays is ).

9st will make me a size 10/12 FA. I carry a lot of weight on my legs because I have very big thighs from running /cycling for over 25 years. Hence even at 9 stone my legs still look chunky. Don't be jealous about our weight differentials, remember I am really fighting hard to reduce my Diabetes risk. When my Doc told me I was borderline Diabetic it was a massive wake up call for me. There is a big family history and my Mum lost both her sight and a leg to Diabetes.

I dont have any recipes for either Kazz. I am one of those irritating people who rarely opens a recipe book. For the meat loaf I would start with some mince and throw in lots of ingredients I fancy, bind it all with egg and cook it to see what happened. I would then adjust the next time for anything that didnt seem quite right. I would probably include shallots, tomato, herbs, lardons, and anchovies which would all intensify the flavours. For the Pate I would probably look next time I was in M&S or Waitrose. I don't regularly shop in either but both usually have reasonable Pate on the shelves.

perrinelli Tue 14-Jan-14 10:35:06

That's good news notsure.
Thankyou for the encouragement about initial weight loss - I think I had stuck in my mind what it says in the book about the record for phase 1 being 17lbs!
Also it's so depressing how easily it goes on - I was in a real overeating/binge phase so I probably only put on that 5lbs over Christmas!
So pleased though that I've got some control back and am not binging on crap anymore!
Have had a bit of an upset tummy though and have been eating LOADS of NLY - do you think it could be probiotic overload?

Notsurehowthathappened Tue 14-Jan-14 10:35:16

Looking at your carb count FA I have accepted that my Porridge probably needs to go.

Am now on a hunt for low carb breakfasts that don't include plain yoghurt (yuk), bacon or eggs. None of these appeal to me early in the morning.

FourArms Tue 14-Jan-14 11:00:58

Strange really NSHTH - I'm hoping 10.13 will have me a size 10/12, but I haven't been that size (without BFing) for 10 yrs so it might not. I'm a 14/16 now so would maybe need to go a bit lower. It's usually a stone a size isn't it? Although my first stone just took me from tight 18's to fitting comfortably!

Breakfasts - smoked salmon & cream cheese? Cooked meats? Half your porridge? Other cereals like the puffed rice? Olives, cheese, vegetable frittata muffins?

Perri - I think you'd have to be horrifically overweight to lose 17lb. I think 4lb is more representative if you have about 4 stone to lose and you haven't even got that much.

Re upset tummy - how many days in are you, how much yoghurt are you eating and which brand is it?

FourArms Tue 14-Jan-14 11:59:58

NSHTH - should have said well done on the loss smile I'm sure yesterday was the blip smile Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Notsurehowthathappened Tue 14-Jan-14 13:25:30

FA At 10.13 I am definitely not a 10. I can sometimes be a 12 in M&S, Hobbs etc but will often need a 14 in my favourite shop Jigsaw, especially for trousers.

Having said that it does depend on shape. I am definitely a Pear (with chunky legs). When I was younger I had a very definite small waist and average bust.

Interestingly this diet is really helping to redefine my waist. It seems that it is the weight I carry round my middle that is coming off first.

I do Pilates (which I have done for years) and that does help with waist definition, but I am concerned by my saggy middle and trying to improve the underlying musculuture on my lower abdomen to ensure that I am not left with masses of saggy skin.

Thanks for the breakfast suggestions. I am only eating 37.5g Oats so halving the Porridge would probably leave me hungry. I think it might need to be cooked meat or going without.

Am not sure about the Yoghurt Perri. I can't stand it so never eat it. Hopefully others will be able to advise on that.

perrinelli Tue 14-Jan-14 13:55:50

I think it was yeovalley or onken. I have probably been having up to about 300g a day, but tried to cut back today.
On the day it was worst it was day 4, weirdly the worst came just after having some alcohol for the first time (champagne) and a takeaway curry (blush) with lots of yogurt because it was a bit too spicy... Could also be a bug though as dd2 (2.5) has also had a bit of a funny tummy but then she's also been eating a fair bit of NLY!!

How have you guys coped with dinner parties etc? Doesn't happen v often but we've got two invites coming up. One is a good friend and I probably can be honest beforehand but I don't want her to go to any trouble... Other lady I don't know v well. Debating whether to say I'm not eating wheat or something... Maybe for the good friend I could offer to bring a cheeseboard to have alongside dessert? Really would prefer people not to know, at least until I've actually visibly lost weight!

Notsurehowthathappened Tue 14-Jan-14 14:21:52

My Dinner Party / eating out tactics are to say nothing (partially because I already feel a pain being Gluten Free).

Where possible I focus on the Meat & Veg and just don't take Potatoes etc. if I end up with something in a sauce I just eat it. One meal won't destroy a lifetime WOE !!

When it comes to dessert I either go for the Cheeseboard if there is one or just decline. If forced I will say how full I am and ask for a small portion. I then realy praise the cook on how fab it is (although I won't lie) and that way they shouldn't be offended by the fact that I haven't had a larger portion.

Strangely enough it can often be starters which are trickier. Again however, one meal shouldn't wreck a long term diet so just chill. If necessary really focus on eating very few carbs the next couple of days.

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