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paleo cook books for brits please

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Kiwirose Fri 01-Nov-13 10:36:20

Oh OK, I'm not the only one then. I do really well on paleo but it is easy to fall off the wagon when you are married to a bread addict. I think I will see if I can get the eat like a dinosaur book because I reckon the way forward for me is to get some family favourite recipes and then they won't even notice it is paleo. thanks

MaryBeardfanclub Thu 31-Oct-13 07:10:40

hi kiwirose
american cookbooks are great. You just need a set of cups for measurements. I love using cups for cooking, much easier than weighing stuff
I have several paleo books and they are fab: Primal Blueprint Cookbook, Primal blueprint quick and easy, Eat like a dinosaur (aimed at kids) and Wellfed. All good.

If I could get dh to buy in to paleo /lchf it would be easier to change our kids bread/cereal obsession but he wont read any of the books and kind of gets it but thinks it's too much effort and anyway, shouldnt we all eat a "balanced" diet. So he continues to buy bread and cereal and I've kinda given up on the family conversion. I just cook according to John Briffa's guidelines for kids: base meals on meat and potatoes and veg. Breakfast is just carbs for them - sometimes my 2 yo eats eggs mashed with butter or an omelette, not often. My 5yo loves school dinners of potato waffles + pizza + cake ! It's an ongoing project...

Kiwirose Tue 29-Oct-13 22:32:49

I am really interested in eating paleo but a lot of the cookery books are American. Can anyone recommend any English ones please. Also if you know of any family friendly ones that would be great too. (heavens knows how to get the kids off bread, pasta and cake - school dinners definitely don't help)

thank you

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