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Grandsons weight problem

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Dawnie1234 Tue 29-Oct-13 15:28:29

Thanks for tips. I will join him up for rugby classes think he may enjoy it, it will also do him good getting out of house more often and I will cut out my snacks or hide them and encourage his parents to do the same.

SaidFlorence Tue 29-Oct-13 14:45:14

My son was similar - weighed about 9 stone at age nine. He is now nearly twelve and hasn't got any heavier but got lots taller and slimmer. He exercises a lot though - he always has. Just puts weight on very easily and is greedy if left to his own devices.

I loosely follow a slimming world type diet with him.
Lots of lean meat, veg, fish, boiled eggs, fruit in unlimited quantities.

On slimming world for adults, things like wholemeal bread, cereals, milk cheese are called healthy extras. Teens are supposed to be allowed these, again unlimited, but we try to limit to 2 fibre, 2 calcium types per day. I'm not really strict about it.
I am strict about crisps, chocolate etc though.

It is hard as you don't know what he is getting at home.

I agree with maybe signing him up for some kind of sport for a term as a gift.

Spirulina Tue 29-Oct-13 14:33:13

not just fruit....fruit isn't great due to sugar content,and as sugar is addictive then its a cycle

boiled eggs
cooked chicken strips
carrot/pepper sticks with hummous
wedges of veg omelette

if its all there ready for snacking then its half the problem solved

AlexaChelsea Tue 29-Oct-13 13:44:50

Is it a console computer, or a desktop/laptop? As in, is he playing meaningless games, or doing something a bit more worthwhile?

I would limit this hugely, if it is console.

Maybe sign him up for a swimming/football/athletics class, could be a good christmas present? Say, a Saturday morning class, you could buy a whole term of lessons as the gift.

Don't let him in the fridge. Or keep things out of his reach, and only have things like fruit available for him to snack on.

AdoraBell Tue 29-Oct-13 13:43:38

What type of things is he helping himself to when at your home?

You can't control what happens at his parent's house but you can change what you have available at your's. I know you shouldn't have to change your food hábitos but there must be a reason for him snacking and if it's not genuino hunger then finding a fridge full of chopped veg may either put him off or encourage him to eat moré veg.

Obviously without knowing why and what he is eating no one can give a definite answer.

Dawnie1234 Tue 29-Oct-13 13:33:34

Thanks for your replies. He stays with me 3 nights a week. I have told him not too so he goes in fridge when no ones looking. He only does sport twice a week at school this is really the only exercise he gets all week. He spends lots of time on his computer I have spoke to my son and his wife about this but they seem to think theres nothing wrong and he will grow out of it. His mam is quite a lot over weight also. I am new to mumsnet Ill try the exercise forum as well thanks

AlexaChelsea Tue 29-Oct-13 12:53:18

What exercise does he do?

What kind of food does he eat?

What kind of snacks/juice does he get?

Why is he allowed to raid the fridge?

Spirulina Tue 29-Oct-13 12:51:58

not sure that the low carb diet section is the best

he needs he indoors a lot? and to cutback on sugar. its everywhere,so be vigilant!

SoupDragon Tue 29-Oct-13 12:36:37

Unless you are his full time carer, you can't.

Dawnie1234 Tue 29-Oct-13 12:35:38

Just need some advice really. My grandson is 9 years old and weighs 10 stone already. He never stops eating and raiding the fridge but this needs to be nipped in the bud soon as his weight for his age and height is very unhealthy. I would appriciate any advice or tips on how to help him if anyone has any. Thanks Dawn.

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