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Does such a thing as a low carb cookie recipe exist?

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GandalfsPointyHat Wed 23-Oct-13 14:41:07

Watching GBBO last night was torture! I am dying dying dying for a cookie!!!! The best looking recipe I found use choc chips, can anyone recommend a low carb cookie recipe? You will forever be my MN hero if you have one, pleeeeeeease!

decaffwithcream Wed 23-Oct-13 17:52:08

<waits with interest>

Bet it involves ground almonds.

Are low carb chocolate truffles, coconut bread, brownies or microwave chocolate cake any good? There are recipes for all of those.

GandalfsPointyHat Thu 24-Oct-13 09:30:46

So I adapted one I found online. A packet of ground almonds, half a packet of shredded coconut I found in the cupboard, two egg whites, a bit of vanilla, granulated splenda, a bit of melted butter, heaped teaspoon of mixed spice. Mix well, shape in balls, place on buttered oven tray, squash flat with a fork, bake at 180 till brown. It won't win GBBO but it scratched that itch grin

WillieWaggledagger Thu 24-Oct-13 09:40:52

oh good effort OP

decaff chocolate truffles are pretty good, because if you can use very high cocoa content chocolate (like lindt 90%) and double cream and nothing else they are much less additive free than 'sweet' recipes that need artificial sweeteners. they are very grown-up truffles obviously!

the only other baking i have tried is nigella's chocolate cloud cake where i replaced the sugar with artificial sweetener and left out the cointreau (because i didn't have any, but i expect it's pretty sugary). i used lindt 90% chocolate. it turned out nicely but i wouldn't do it often as i do try to avoid the artificial sweeteners if i can possible avoid it. it was good as a pudding option that i could have though

WillieWaggledagger Thu 24-Oct-13 09:41:46

'much less additive free' what does that mean i wonder??

i obviously mean much more likely to be additive free!

decaffwithcream Thu 24-Oct-13 10:26:48

Think I will try the Nigel Slater truffles then. I have reservations about the artificial sweetners too.

WillieWaggledagger Thu 24-Oct-13 10:42:33

yes, the good thing about truffles is that often they are a regular truffle recipe, rather than one adapted for low carb, which in the case of baking often means a poor relation and i'd rather have the real carby thing as a one-off if that's the case! but i'm not diabetic or coeliac or other health problems, so i can make that choice

pootlebug Thu 24-Oct-13 12:18:39

Agreed I would also look for puddings that don't have artificial sweetener. This chocolate mousse recipe has just dark choc, butter, coffee and eggs

This chocolate nut cake does have sugar, but cutting it down to ~80g instead of 100g, and sharing it between say 12 (it's rich, you don't need a big slice) makes the carb portions relatively low....probably not for every day but a good special occasion pudding.

pootlebug Thu 24-Oct-13 12:19:30

Sorry forgot the link on the 2nd

I've not found a cookie recipe without artificial sweetener. There are some paleo cookie recipes but they tend to contain honey/bananas etc so not really low carb.

GandalfsPointyHat Thu 24-Oct-13 12:54:02

What about stevia for sweetner? It has a funny aftertaste but the last time I bought some it just took a day or so to get used to it.

MillyRules Sun 03-Nov-13 23:25:38

Peanut butter cookies. look online. Peanut butter sugar free, egg and sugar, sweetener. They are delicious.

MillyRules Sun 03-Nov-13 23:26:49

sugar or sweetener

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