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Cheese-how much is too much?

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pudding25 Fri 18-Oct-13 21:14:42

I have been doing this for almost 2 weeks. I haven't weighed yet. I think my downfall is going to be cheese. I have some for breakfast, sometimes some for lunch then I am starving about 5ish (don't want to sit down for dinner until about 7.30-8 when DD in bed) and am eating more cheese, usually with some eggs or chicken.

I don't know what to eat in the afternoon when I am starving that will fill me up and isn't cheese!

pudding25 Fri 18-Oct-13 21:15:18

Then I also have dinner later, that's not my dinner.

solveproblem Sat 19-Oct-13 16:25:40

I don't think you can eat too much cheese, as in your body will tell you when you've had too much.

If you get peckish in the afternoon that would suggest you don't eat enough. Put some coconut oil in your coffee, a bit more olive oil on your salad or if you can think I some other way of getting more fat in your diet.

Fat is you friend when you're low carbing!

pudding25 Sun 20-Oct-13 12:57:14

Thanks. I am definitely eating enough and a fair amount of fat. I just have a big appetite, don't sleep well (which makes me hungry) and a stressful job (which makes me hungry too!). Will try a bit more fat though.

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