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Will all low-carbing be in vain ?

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Missisdoyle Fri 27-Sep-13 12:07:14

My DH has a new job as a catering teacher. He has been LC since summer & done v well(lost @ 1 stone),however during his new work he must taste the students work, in order to mark it. This means lots of nibbling refined carbs. I'm guessing this is why his w'loss has come to an abrupt halt. My question is,is he now on the wrong diet ?I have heard that cheating is a no on LC...

pootlebug Fri 27-Sep-13 13:15:55

I have been low carbing a few weeks. I have cheated occasionally. I have still lost weight.

I would guess it means how frequent the cheating and how much eaten, to be honest. Can he taste just the tiniest bit?

Missisdoyle Fri 27-Sep-13 16:38:12

The thing is he has around 2 classes a day,with around 13 students in each,so even if it's a tiny bit,it could still hinder his diet, I think. I'm just wondering if that's the reason why he's not had any loss over the past weeks & if not should he try a different diet... We are using the India Night,' Idiot proof diet' & she mentions that if you cheat it really messes up your metabolism & reduces the efficacy of LCing.

Grumpywino Wed 02-Oct-13 12:23:47

Cheating is a no, read up on ketosis and how it works. This not like a low calorie diet where the odd cheat is ok. He may have to rethink things I 'm afraid.

Rules Wed 02-Oct-13 19:58:08

If the rest of the time he eats LC then he will stall and maintain for awhile but hopefully he will start losing weight again even if its not as quick. You can do lower carb diets where you eat some carbs but just not as many as a carb eater would have in a day. If low carb is to be for life and not just a quick fix then you need to find your own personal carb level. Trouble with a lot of very very low carb diets is that they are not sustainable for life. That is why people who follow a relatively lower carb diet can follow it indefinitely.

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