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Why has weightloss stopped ?

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78bunion Sat 05-Oct-13 10:39:32

No alcohol. No diary products. No fruit. Try that for 2 weeks and see how it goes.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck Fri 04-Oct-13 07:08:22

What grumpy said. No matter how low carb/lacking in sugar, alcohol is the body's first port of call for simple, easy to burn fuel. Therefore if its burning that, it isn't burning fat. He won't be successful (or healthy!) unless he significantly cuts down.

Cheese also has some carbs in and can stall some people on this way of eating. All dairy except butter and to a lesser extent full fat yoghurt can slow down weightless too.

Good luck, I hope he can get back on track.

Grumpywino Wed 02-Oct-13 12:26:43

Alcohol is really not advised for weight loss on any low carb plan!! The body will use the booze for fuel before burning fat from the body.

giraffeseatpineapples Fri 27-Sep-13 15:25:07

also sugar content varies depending on wine region. New zealand is highest I think because of the sun ripening the grapes - hope I have this right, but anyway may be worth looking into which type of red is best for low carb.

giraffeseatpineapples Fri 27-Sep-13 15:22:34

Things dont always add up when it comes to weightloss. Dropping alcohol is one of the surest ways to lose weight for whatever reason and 16 glasses a week means there is quite alot of room to drop some and see what happens! Most diets would suggest cutting out alcohol at least for a couple of weeks then reintroducing.

jouli Wed 25-Sep-13 22:22:22

Sorry for late reply,but isn't red wine only 1 carb per glass ? Forgive my ignorance.but how does the wine hinder the weightloss ?

silverangel Wed 25-Sep-13 15:40:30

Yep, it would be the wine. Get him to knock it on the head for a week (bootcamp suggests two weeks...)and then try reintrouducing at weekends. Lowest carb is vodka and soda.

MotherOfSoupDragon Wed 25-Sep-13 14:11:49

I'm not an expert, but I would definitely think that two glasses of wine a day would interfere with him losing weight. Too much dairy could be a problem too.

jouli Tue 24-Sep-13 23:01:52

DH & I have been LCbing for 2 months,now. I've lost consistently,but DH has come to a standstill. He initially lost 6 pounds,but for the last 3 weeks,nowt. He drinks 2 glasses of red wine a day(3 at weekend),I don't -could this be the reason for his standstill ? Also should he stop with cheese ? Or should he try a different diet ? I'm a bit confused ,but want to help him...

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