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Week 3 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - The Crossroads!

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BIWI Sun 22-Sep-13 23:12:02

So we have reached the end of the first two, strict weeks.

Come and confess all on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

By now, if you have stuck to your knitting, you should be ketogenically adapted - which is to say, you should have switched your body from burning carbs to burning fat.



You now have a choice. You can relax things a little and can include some fruit (berries) and some nuts/seeds - and a little alcohol in moderation The rules of Bootcamp Light are on the spreadsheet.


You can stay on Bootcamp, if it suits you - as long as you promise me that you are getting your carbs from vegetables and salad!

Another option, which many of us adopt, is to do Bootcamp during the week and Bootcamp Light at the weekend.

The choice is entirely yours!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their food, which is the most important thing. And good luck for the next week.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Mon 23-Sep-13 07:51:22

I've stayed the same. Week 4 for me though so im ok with that.

Although, having been up half the night with a horrible stomach bug, I did expect to see some loss - if not a 'true' one!grin

lavenderhoney Mon 23-Sep-13 07:52:40

I've just updated and am steadily losingsmile i'm going to stay on the bootcamp but I might have a little g&t tonight.

thanks to everyone who updates the thread and BIWI and Willie (sticks and spreadsheets!)

well done to all the loserssmile

WillieWaggledagger Mon 23-Sep-13 07:59:18

right i would normally do this on a friday but i've been hopelessly busy so i'm afraid you're only getting it now, sorry


week one biggest loser: roobot
biggest %age loser so far: roobot
collectively we lost 279.8 lb!!

<wild applause>

(please note that I have archived anyone who hasn't weighed in at the beginning of week one. if this is you, you absolutely have not been kicked out of bootcamp, it's just that i have to remove the zero numbers for the sake of my averages. from now on, i'll archive anyone who hasn't weighed in for two weeks running. if you want to be reinstated on the spreadsheet just let me know)

Purple2012 Mon 23-Sep-13 07:59:45

Quick question. I was still drinking diet coke for the first few days of boot camp although I started the low carbing before boot camp. Do you think I should wait until I have done 2 weeks of no diet coke before going to boot camp light and having nuts?

HighJinx Mon 23-Sep-13 08:06:56

I lost just half a pound this week. I'm not surprised because I had a big loss last week (5lbs when I started early in the few days leading up to bootcamp and 3lbs on bootcamp itself). And half a pound less is half a pound less.

I'm going to stick with bootcamp with the exception of the odd glass of wine at the weekend. And this week I'm going to cut down the cheese too.

I'm getting on fine with it and even when DH has pizza or cake I'm not really fussed. I love not being hungry. Not sure what's going on but right now I couldn't care if I never have potatoes, pasta or rice again.

loopyloou Mon 23-Sep-13 08:07:28

Crabby, what sort of vanilla do you put in your yoghurt? I've been putting a drop of essence in or cinnamon, but crunchy vanilla beans sounds good !

I don't think I'm going to weigh myself for my own sanity! Don't feel like I'm any smaller, so may not measure either today. Feeling bloated tbh as if totm due, but shouldn't be for another 2 weeks, however due to my advanced age shock my hormones are all over the place so who knows?

Torrorosso Mon 23-Sep-13 08:08:39

This week I have - put on a lb!

So, one lb down since the start of bootcamp.

Apart from a handful of blackberries, I have stuck to bootcamp rules strictly.

My hormones are all over the place though as I go through the menopause and I'm going to ask GP for a thyroid blood test as I'm displaying some of the symptoms of an under active thyroid.

milliemoomay Mon 23-Sep-13 08:13:30

Well done everyone on their weight loss. I had lost a lb this week but the weekend went awry. hmmm... I've been having such a stressful time with my house sale. We were poised to exchange on Friday - all of us in the chain were ready and then my seller went awol and no one could reach him all afternoon. He didn't return anyone's calls and I've spent the weekend imagining and expecting the worst. It's been horrendous and all I wanted to do is dive into a vat of wine - which I'm afraid I did on Friday nightwine (sorry.. just had to offload)

I did try to rein it in on Sunday at lunch but my host was insistent that I partake of every dish that he ordered at an amazing chinese restaurant. All that hidden corn flour in sauces did me in.

The huge lunch made me even hungrier at dinner - cheese attack shock. So unfortunately I put back the 1lb I'd lost.

I'm well and truly stalled at 144 lbs - I've got to get out of this rut somehow. Should I do another week of BC?

emblosion Mon 23-Sep-13 08:15:17

A pound off this week despite cheesecake misdemeanor, so 6 since bootcamp started. Pretty pleased :-)

Going to stick with bootcamp proper this week as its been going quite well. I do think I've been having a bit too much dairy so going to try to cut down a bit, cheese especially because it is my major weakness.

Good luck with the weigh in all!

Cherrypi Mon 23-Sep-13 08:17:56

1.5lb off yay. Approaching the 11s for the first time in six years and very excited. Just 1 more lb to go. Been enjoying the new asda extra special Greek yoghurt. Not quite as low carb as total 4g per 100g but fancied a change. It already has the cream added though.

BastardDog Mon 23-Sep-13 08:18:27

Hello all, I'm a late comer introducing myself. I've been stalking this board for a few days as well as reading books by Dr Briffa and Gary Taubes, and officially started boot camp last Friday.

I lost 4 stone on a VLCD just over a year ago so I'm familiar with ketosis etc.

Sadly I lost 3 family members in the six months following my VLCD and I went back to comfort eating and regained all the weight over the last year.

For the last few weeks my knees have been really bothering me, the Dr is monitoring my BP and worst of all I've been suffering with GERD which is not nice. So I've lots of reasons for sorting out my eating.

I've tried to put my details on the spreadsheet, but I'm on an iPad and not sure if its worked properly.

Start date 20/9
Start weight 196
Weight today 191.25

Roobot Mon 23-Sep-13 08:35:10

Another 5lbs off for meee! Woop woop and all that grin on the one hand dead chuffed cos thats 19 in total! Will update spreadsheet when not on me phone!
This weeks challenge... DRINK MORE WATER! I am terrible at the weekends for just drinking coffee.

bettybigballs Mon 23-Sep-13 08:35:53

1lb off for me too. I did have wine this week and a slightly carbier day when I forgot my lunch so I'm surprised I've dropped at all. Staying on bootcamp for another week to make sure I'm in fat fighting mode.

Today's menu is:

B: cream cheese pancakes with butter
L: Tuna mayo with little gem
D: spag Bol with courgette spag.

So pleased to see everyone's progress. Also really good to see everyone positive on smaller losses too. I was feeling a bit down about my 1lb but reading this thread and seeing everyone elses positivity about small losses has really cheered me up.

Happy week three everyone!

Roobot Mon 23-Sep-13 08:43:39

Also woo @ biggest loser smile but everyone is doing so well! I would be happy to have a decent loss by xmas...

Ohfuckohfuckofuck Mon 23-Sep-13 08:48:45

TMI had sooo and blew my nose, another pound down! Not sure whether to alter the spreadsheet...

BerylStreep Mon 23-Sep-13 09:09:04

Good morning campers.

I have brushed myself down and given myself a good shake. Will stop feeling sorry for myself.

I did a 31 mile cycle yesterday, and stuck to BC properly all day.

B - tiny bit of sliced chicken
L - Fried mushrooms and lardons on a bed of iceberg lettuce, couple of baby tomatoes and Piri piri mayo.
D - tuna mayo with peppers
Quite a lot of water.

Pleased to note that I am in ketosis this morning.

I'm off to London tomorrow, and going out with colleagues in the evening, so there will most likely be a bit alcohol then, and have a formal on Saturday, so likewise, but other than that I need to be alcohol free, and I need to ditch the berries for a bit.

I also need to do a bit of menu planning for my trip.

LCHammer Mon 23-Sep-13 09:10:15

I lost 0.7 kg and I'm pleased with that.

Well done to everyone. Those who lost and those who didn't as I don't see anyone quitting smile

Welcome BD. And sad to Millie, I hope you have better news on the house sale.

StuntNun Mon 23-Sep-13 09:41:02

Thanks for the Asda yoghurt tip Cherrypi I'll give that a try too as the Total yoghurt is too expensive for me.

Torro thyroid issues are renowned for screwing up LC weight loss but Bootcamp may be a good way to prevent weight gain until you get it diagnosed and under control.

Lifeisontheup Mon 23-Sep-13 09:59:23

2lbs for me this week but I'm happy. It's a steady loss and clothes feel looser.
Well done to everyone.

LilyAmaryllis Mon 23-Sep-13 09:59:33

Chuffed to be 2.2lb down. (though last Weds I would have been 2lb up so think I just struck lucky to weigh at the bottom of a fluctuation!)

Also really odd that I fluctuated up during the week when I was quite strict, avoiding dairy and doing the food prep myself... and down at the weekend when there was cheesy sauces and DH is cooking and serves up massive portions! I think I'm probably overthinking this.

Congratulations Roobot! and many thanks to BIWI and Willie. It helps me stick to this WOE knowing there is this thread!

starrystarryknut Mon 23-Sep-13 10:00:02

I just finished week 3 of boot camping (started when I discovered the preparation thread) and this week I've lost another 3 lb. So 8 lb last week and 3 this week. That's nearly a stone - a STONE (nearly) - in a fortnight!! And in 3 notches on my belt! Result grin.

What is the IPD cookbook? I keep seeing it mentioned.

NewStartNewStory Mon 23-Sep-13 10:19:15

I have put on 2kg. Not really surprising though. This week I am telling the carby twats to sod off and being as unsocial as i physically can with the schedule I have. Back to back meetings should help keep un helpful people at bay angry besides Sleep is needed. Back to bootcamp wk 1 again sad Here is hoping that the training that is also scheduled for this week helps me re-find ketosis a tiny bit quicker unlikely

Keep with it all those who are struggling it is worth it. Promise. And be strong against the carby twats. Do Not let them derail you. It really isn't worth it and it is your health not theirs.

Onwards and downwards!!!

loopyloou Mon 23-Sep-13 10:20:03

Well done to all losers smile

I've measured and I've lost an inch off my waist, so happy with that smile

surprisedbyjoy Mon 23-Sep-13 10:22:58

A bit over 1.5lbs off this week! Gained last week so 1lb off to date but as a long term low carber I wasn't really expecting a bit loss in the first weeks - not that it wouldn't have be nice!

IPDCookbook is the book produced by India Knight et al to go alongside the Idiot Proof Diet. Amazon don't seem to have the book new but there are some secondhand versions there and I think I got mine from a charity shop! It is useful and the diet book itself is worth a read - not quite the same as bootcamp but it got me started before I found you guys!

Lifeisontheup Mon 23-Sep-13 10:30:30

Think I'm going to try and stay on bootcamp as much as possible with the addition of a few raspberries to have with my yoghurt plus I'm going away next Monday so will have a couple of drinks then but not go mad.

New puppy arrives on Wednesday (picture on my profile smile) so I forsee an increased level of activity as I spend hours standing in the garden and lots of playtime.

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