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Low-carb on a budget

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Snatchoo Sun 15-Sep-13 20:39:33

Just wondering if you can share your budgeting tips? I'm finding it quite expensive centering meals around meat and green veg (mainly because I'm not a huge fan of salad so prefer the bagged stuff).

When I make bolognese I normally bulk it out with lentils which is obviously a no-no now. I am still giving the children spuds or whatnot and will bulk out their meaty sauces but it's difficult! I bought sausages but the 97% meat ones are nearly £3 a pack!

I do eat cheese and eggs but tbh I'm getting bored and bit sick of them. I can't eat omelettes since i had too many when trying Atkins many moons ago.

Any ideas?

Also, any good broccoli soup recipes? I've got some frozen which is vile on it's own so was thinking of making soup for work lunches (with stilton!)

kindlegeek Sun 15-Sep-13 21:13:16

I'm finding the cost of it high as well! The other day I bought value mince for the first time. I wouldn't give it to the kids as it was but fatty with some gristle in, but I made meatballs and they were decent... I'd buy it again for myself.

WillieWaggledagger Mon 16-Sep-13 08:34:32

there is a tab on the spreadsheet called 'economy recipes', though it's a little bit neglected at the moment, but there are some ideas there for cheaper cuts of meat and tinned fish etc

do you have a slow cooker? I find using it means i get the best out of cheaper cuts (stews, stroganoff, curry, mince, large joints that are on special offer etc)

in terms of 'bulking out' i will use mushrooms, but actually i find that once i'm in the swing of low carbing i don't actually need as much food by volume iyswim. so where before i would have had a portion of bolognese containing meat and lots of carbier veg/pulses to bulk it out, i now have what is essentially the same portion of meat, but because it contains plenty of fat and protein and relatively few carbs, i'm satisfied and fuller even though it looks like a smaller portion by volume, and my blood sugar levels are stable so i'm not hungry later.

i know ewanhoozami has been low carbing on a tight budget for a year or so now, so i'll see if i can find her for advice!

captainmummy Mon 16-Sep-13 08:56:39

If I'm strapped I use dishes like cauliflower cheese, egg/cream cheese wraps, soups. I also use th slow-cooker a lot (beef stew with cheap cuts yesterday- dc had dumplings, I had it with broccoli) Mushrooms are cheap enough, and can stand in for meat in stroganov-type things, or even curries.

emblosion Mon 16-Sep-13 11:13:56

Ive been buying lettuce instead of bagged salad, I hate washing it (grr) but it goes a lot further. Also been buying frozen veg (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower etc) and fish/meat rather than fresh (unless fresh on offer).

Jars of olives rather than from deli, and getting whatever I can from lidl. Diet was quite egg and cheese heavy last week but getting a bit sick of omlette.

Shredded kale or cabbage steamed & buttered is good for bulking meals out & cheap.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Mon 16-Sep-13 11:30:40

If you have aldi or lidl near you they are a good place to shop.

I have yougurt for breakfast a huge tub is (i think ) £1.50ish.

the cheese is cheaper as are veg/ cream and probably meat.

Snatchoo Mon 16-Sep-13 13:02:20

We've got a Farmfoods just up the road which has been a godsend for frozen veg! No Lidl but yes to Aldi - will send DH up for a forage.

captainmummy Mon 16-Sep-13 13:44:16

Aldi /lidl are great for meat and cheese. i get my eggs from the farm shop at £3.50 for 30.
This time of year look out for 'gluts' of produce being sold at gates; my sister and mum do this. Bag of toms 30p, marrow (mum can't do courgettes grin) 30p, bag of apples etc.

herecomesthsun Tue 17-Sep-13 04:12:39

+LIDL+eggs+Waitrose reductions+save money not buying carbs!

colette Tue 24-Sep-13 21:54:16

Also swede and celeriac soup, boiled egg, mayo and salad

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