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Week 1 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp

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BIWI Sun 08-Sep-13 23:17:14

So here we are! Over 160 of us signed up!

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness for you to enter your first weight

If you aren't on the list for any reason, just go to the bottom of the list and add your name - the lovely Willie will sort out the alphabetisation later.

From experience of previous Bootcamps, the chat thread can move very quickly! So, if you have a specific or particular question, please post it on the questions thread I will do my best to check it as often as I can, as will other seasoned Bootcampers.

If you have a really burning issue, please feel free to PM me and I will do my very best to help you as soon as possible.

And if you're looking for inspiration for things to cook, here's the recipe thread

Here is a brief reminder of the rules:

We do not eat any of the following during Bootcamp:


And here are the ten rules of Bootcamp:

1. You must eat breakfast.
2. Avoid processed food
3. Eat lots of fat
4. Make sure you are eating vegetables and salads with your food
5. Be careful about dairy (apart from butter, which is unlimited)
6. You must drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day
7. No alcohol
8. No fruit
9. No nuts/seeds
10. No sugar or artificial sweeteners

More detail/explanation of these rules is on the spreadsheet – look at the tabs at the bottom.

One final word from me – the disclaimer! I am not a doctor, a scientist, a dietician nor a nutritionist. The advice that is given here is based on my own experience of low carbing, as well as the reading I have been doing over the last few years.

If you have a medical condition, or you are taking long term medication, please take advice from your GP/consultant before starting to low carb.

Good luck everyone!

MrsHerculePoirot Thu 26-Sep-13 16:17:40

Glad you are feeling better come join us on the week three thread!!!

thenightsky Thu 26-Sep-13 13:41:15

Well, just back from an all inc holiday, where I got a bloody tummy bug and spent 3 days not eating, then having to nibble dry toast, plain boiled rice, mash tatties etc - all carbie stuff. On the 4th day when I was getting no better, I switched to egg and cheese based food only (there was an omlettes made to order counter) and my tummy improved a bit, despite people telling me I was mad to eat things like that whilst suffering the runs.

Finbar Mon 23-Sep-13 17:16:45

HELP! I've disappeared from the Spreadsheet! (what are you trying to tell me?)
Can someone put me back please?!

captainmummy Wed 18-Sep-13 15:27:28

Lighthouse - of course! Join us on the week2 thread (link in my prev post above)

Lighthousekeeping Wed 18-Sep-13 12:46:45

I'm on the list but just got back from holiday. Can I still join in?

captainmummy Tue 17-Sep-13 13:49:43

Twit and stinker - join us on the week2 chat thread!
week 2

BIWI Tue 17-Sep-13 10:46:05


Twit Tue 17-Sep-13 10:31:27

Hi all, managed not to put my face in ds's chocolate fudge cake grin. I had about ten peanuts on Saturday but nothing else.
Could someone please enter my weight on the spreadsheet please?
151lbs, sorry it's a day late grin

BIWI Tue 17-Sep-13 09:44:32

Right, stinker. As captainmummy says - list out, day by day, what you've been eating and drinking for the last week.

captainmummy Tue 17-Sep-13 08:13:14

Can you post your food/meals, stinking? If you can remember them - all of it, including tea/coffee, water, which veg...

stinkerfromhove Tue 17-Sep-13 01:19:39

Yes Biwi honestly, honestly. I'm amazed at my perseverance. 2 meals out - didnt touch the bread or spuds, no wine! I've also cut down on dairy as you advised. Should I restrict veg portions? Boot camp rules doesn't seem to say so but idiot-proof say 1 serving spoon of veg and things like HALF a tomato at breakfast. I did have 11 macadamia nut halves this week.

BIWI Mon 16-Sep-13 12:12:47

stinkerfromhove - are you keeping a food diary? Can you honestly, honestly say that you are following Bootcamp rules?

Have you measured yourself as well as weighing?

Mouseface Mon 16-Sep-13 11:21:13

Morning Campers,

Thank you all so much for all of your suggestions for my bowel issues smile I am making notes and am going to try them all! It's now getting close to a week again since going to the loo...... sad blush

daisy - the GP gives me senna, fybogel, and movicol (sp?) The fybogel makes me swell up and I find it sickly, movicol is vicious! And lactulose is loaded with sugar/sweeteners so I struggle to take it! Sorry to seem ungrateful, I'm not! Thank you daisy xxx

Crabby - thank you too smile

So, how much vit C do I need to take, does anyone know? Grammes or Mils wise? Either? grin I drink at least 2.5 ltr every day. Thank you for your help xxx

OK - <drum roll> Dropped 4" from my waist, Down 1 size to a 10 at the bottom, down 2 sizes to a 12 on top, dropped 2" from my back, dropped 2 " from my hips. HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! smile

Although I am up weight wise 9st 13lb, increase of 3lbs but given I'm not going to the loo, not a huge surprise is it? smile

(I'm going to C&P this on the new thread too) smile x

Well done to those who have kicked ass! xxx

stinkerfromhove Mon 16-Sep-13 10:39:52

Thank heavens there are at least 5 others who have lost NOTHING this week same as me. Commiserations! This is however actually my 5th!!! week on this diet and have lost nothing. Getting pretty disheartened. sad

IBlameThePenguins Mon 16-Sep-13 10:35:43

I am returning to this thread with my head hung in shame sad I had a really down few days and I'm afraid i have i have indeed been a carby twat. I put 2lb on... I am SO cross with myself! When will I learn that stuffing my fat face solves nothing!

The only thing is, it has strengthened my resolve to start bootcamp afresh today!.. Onwards and upwards, eh!?

Would someone mind adding me to the spreadsheet please. I'm 11 stone 10lb angry sad

WillieWaggledagger Mon 16-Sep-13 10:28:45

come over to the week 2 chat thread

pixiegumboot Mon 16-Sep-13 09:48:59

2kg off, 8cm from waist, 4 from hips. Its a miracle.

LCHammer Mon 16-Sep-13 08:16:02

1.2kg off here. Seems about right as I had a few unintentional oopsies. I'll cary on.

giggly Mon 16-Sep-13 07:15:22

Well first week done and 4kg off! Just need to convert. Vvery happy indeed.

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 16-Sep-13 00:14:45

Mouse don't you dare beat yourself up, lovely woman; you started bootcamp earlier so you've done your strict two weeks already. Obviously the eton mess is a step too far grin but a glass of wine and a bit of dark choc here and there isn't a disaster once you're on bootcamp light. Regarding constipation, linseed (which is the same as psyllium btw) is a good, gentle bulk laxative. It absorbs water though so you need to drink extra when you take it. Lactulose is a stool softener so use that if you're having trouble. A word of caution about taking high vitamin C doses... if you take very high doses of a vitamin or mineral and your body gets used to excreting the excess, it could continue excreting lots when you stop taking the supplement, leading to a possible deficiency. I'd stick to a moderate dose of magnesium rather than overdosing on vit C (which is what you're doing if you're taking enough to cause diarrhoea).

Ma our weight fluctuates by around 2lbs during the day so it's best to weigh first thing in the morning after a pee (and preferably a poo!) and before eating or drinking anything. Otherwise you can't really compare with your previous weight.

Pag you're a saint for not bawling him out! shock I was like this hmm at DP earlier for having lovely golden crusted roast potatoes with his roast. grin

BIWI Sun 15-Sep-13 23:58:41

whodunnit - doesn't sound like there's much fat going on in your menu! You really do need to make sure that you're eating more fat. That will help you out as well. It's not all about the fibre ...

whodunnit Sun 15-Sep-13 23:57:25

I should add that this is week 2 for me as I started early n lost 4kg in week 1. So 1kg is not too bad, I don't think.

BIWI Sun 15-Sep-13 23:56:57

I know it's not quite Monday yet, but here is the chat thread for week 2

whodunnit Sun 15-Sep-13 23:55:58

Hello Not been too bad a day

B cabbage soup with chicken
L cabbage & celeriac soup with chicken n lots of pepper
D egg mayo on cucumber slices wih olives

2 cups of regular tea and lots of water (pint glass inthe bathroom. I try to down a pint once I have weed....TMI)

Lots of cabbage to try and push some of this food through my gut. I am relying on the power of cabbage farts and cabbage fibre. Had a sneaky weigh at work and have still only lost one kilo since last monday. Am hoping it is my extra muscle that I am gaining with the exercise I am now also doing having been a couch potato for many months. Is it really true that muscle weighs more than fat, or are they just being kind saying that?

daisychicken Sun 15-Sep-13 22:47:38

Lactulose from GP Mouse? I have it prescribed due to the meds I'm on and take it when I need it as I go through phases of constipation (thankfully much less for me on a low carb diet than when I eat carbs).

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