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Low carb, not hungry and a history of ED?

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BerryGood Tue 03-Sep-13 07:44:14

As anyone read about this or have experience.

I started to loose just a little of my belly (bmi 20/21) but I'm now not hungry to the point where I couldn't force breakfast it without a sicky feeling. Is this common? I don't know if it's me been likely to feel this.

I'm enjoying the control, strict rules and the lack of hungry tbh. It's starting to fee a little like a gateway back to anorexia.


TrucksAndDinosaurs Wed 04-Sep-13 02:41:23

Ketosis can interfere with appetite.
I struggle to eat more than 1100 calories some days and instead of waking hungry work out fasting then eat if I'm hungry or wait til lunch, have 4pm small snack and dinner. So kind of tweaking the 3 daily meals around.
You may be interested in this post which I saw yesterday on a primal/low carb site I like: a woman wrote in to ask if she was eating too few calories

Re ED; I've not had an ED though I'm getting an insight into the seductive power of fasting which slightly worries me...I think you know yourself best and if red flags are waving take time to tell yourself this is about nourishing your body, being kind to it. Maybe read up about low carb nutrition, take time to think up really delicious recipes that will build your immune system, help fuel your body, nourish every cell, make your hair shine and skin glow rather than thinking about belly fat and getting into a punishing self control discipline thing.

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