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Would anyone mind checking my Paleo/primal meal ideas?

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snowlie Wed 04-Sep-13 07:24:33

Check out the ingredient of shop bought almond milk, it is often sweetened and full of additives. Also juices are not recommended esp if you are trying to lose weight, they are like direct shot of sugar. Better to have whole fruits, more nutrients, less concentrated sourced of sugar. Depends how Paleo you wish to go - fresh coconut is very filling and delicious, chop some up and leave in the fridge for a quick snack, raw veg is a good snack too. Boiled eggs are quick, dh has mixed seeds with a small amount of full fat yog....but you may be going diary free. Frozen homemade mini frittata's, defrost in seconds.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Mon 02-Sep-13 01:35:13

I like buttered braised cabbage, grilled baby back ribs rubbed with spices, baked chicken thighs or wings marinaded in lime, cumin, coriander and chilli flakes with mint added at the end, roast leeks with baked belly pork, fish baked in foil with lemon and chilli, chicken curry with spinach and coconut milk, shrimp with Tom yum sauce and pak choy and cashews, cod roast with bacon wrapped round it...

Snacks/light lunch: crust less quiches made in muffin tray, apple slices spread with almond butter, cold drumsticks, tuna in oil with chilli flakes and lemon juice wrapped in butter lettuce leaves, guacamole and cucumber wedges, green beans in soy sauce, seaweed salad, tapenade with celery....

Marks Daily Apple site has good recipes and free downloads.

HeySoulSister Sat 31-Aug-13 09:18:24

Almond milk was ok.

How about some nuts for snacks?

GetStuffezd Sat 31-Aug-13 06:52:09

I did Paleo for about 6 weeks a while back and I felt AMAZING. Like, noticeably so. I also cut out processsed foods. Then, STUPIDLY, I stopped. I don't know why. So now I'm back to feeling like a bloater.

Well, new term = new way of eating. I'm off to Morrisons this morning. Would anyone mind checking my meal/snack ideas and suggesting any further ones? (Bearing in mind that a) I don't have much time in the mornings and b) I like a nice heart dinner to look forward to.) Thanks!

Breakfasts -
Mushroom Omelette
Banana milkshake with almond milk (never tried almond milk - is it ok?)
Orange juice with squished strawberries

Snacks -
Grapes and small handful of almonds

Dinners -
Beef Stew
Pork Chop, sweet potato, veg
Lamb mince and veg
Crustless quiche and veg

Ideas definitely welcome

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