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Look! BMI visualiser tool thing!

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TrucksAndDinosaurs Thu 29-Aug-13 20:41:29

It's very cunning... Have a look at what you will look like as your BMI changes....

I put it on 5:2 section as well.

Snatchoo Sun 01-Sep-13 20:58:27

Just had a look but don't think it's very accurate. Not for my body anyway! At 100lbs I'll apparently look great - even though that is quite severely underweight (Plus it doesn't take into consideration my big boobs and thighs grin)

I prefer as you can see real people at the weight you want to be!

Yama Sun 01-Sep-13 21:08:03

I've just done both.

I liked that on the first one I could put in my actual weight. The 10lb brackets of the second one not so good when I'm bang in the middle - which way to go ...

Like the real photos though. Have never known what my body shape is but I can rule out the rectangular one.

Snatchoo Sun 01-Sep-13 22:03:28

Yeah, I see what you mean Yama.

I'm 5ft 4.5 though so never fit it properly lol!

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