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Low carb, exercise, stalling and increased appetite! Advice please?

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peggotty Thu 04-Jul-13 12:08:21

Er, I can't remember what week I'm in Black blush! I've been eating low carb for over a year but had been creeping back up weight-wise as I was over indulging in more carby stuff again. I think it might be week 5-6ish with the first 2 weeks following the Bootcamp rules.

Ok will up the fat side of the diet. I am ok with not losing for a few weeks but would like to see it start again soon (hols in 6 weeks!). Thanks for your advice smile.

BlackAffronted Thu 04-Jul-13 11:52:43

Are you in week 3/4/5 of your diet? That is the notorious time for "body adjustment" and quite afew of us dont see much weightloss in those weeks smile

Definitely up your fat! Fat is what satisfies us the most.

The amount of exercise you are doing wouldnt be building pounds of muscles really, I really think its just your body adjusting to this woe. Weightloss eating LC is never linear, I go in big drops then nothing for a few weeks. Just the way it is! grin

peggotty Thu 04-Jul-13 11:39:54

I'm low carbing and have also started exercising - 3-4 fast 45 minute walks a week and daily (10 mins) toning/resistance training. I've noticed this week I am definitely hungrier! What should I do - should I eat more protein or more fat - which is best? I have also stalled in the last couple of weeks so am trying to cut down on dairy (cream and yoghurt mainly) to see if that helps. Could the exercise be contributing to the stall as I start to build muscle? Thanks for any help...

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