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I cant believe how low calorie low carb is!

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MamaBear17 Wed 26-Jun-13 19:36:10

I am on day three. I am a veggie so just starting to get my head around the whole idea of low carb. Trying not to freak out that my fat count for today is above 80grams! However, My carbs are at 50.2g, My protein at 59g and my calories just 1290. The weirdest thing is, I am not even hungry. I havent been all day. I will admit to having a fair few sugar and carb cravings today, but as I am on day three and have cut down from having over 250g carbs every single day (I am a lazy veggie) I'm a little in shock! How long does this take to get used too?

CheeryCherry Wed 26-Jun-13 19:43:28

Sounds interesting...not done it myself but can I ask what guidelines/book you're following? I need to lose a lot of weight.

Wossname Wed 26-Jun-13 19:45:36

What sort of things have you been eating? Sounds really interesting.

Salbertina Wed 26-Jun-13 19:45:55

No cream, cheese??

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Wed 26-Jun-13 19:49:39

If you want a really supportive place to chat - come and join us on the Bootcamp thread smile

I'm a veggie (no eggs) low carber too - though, my calorie intake is not low (almonds, cream etc).

HesneyChalks Wed 26-Jun-13 19:51:11

Ooh I am really interested in this. Which plan are you following? I have tried this before in various forms. Am also veggie. Do you find that 50g of carbs is giving you a good weight loss? I had assumed that it would need to be lower.

MamaBear17 Wed 26-Jun-13 20:05:38

I am just following the guidelines of low carb really. This one:
except I am substituting Quorn for meat. I havent done the extreme strict first two weeks though. I have had an eating disorder in the past so can not trust myself to restrict my eating too much - it is dangerous territory for me. Getting my head around eating fat is tough enough as it is. I have just tried to aim for 50g of carbs per day (which is a massive improvement on what I was eating) and choose healthy foods.
Today I had:
Breakfast - 100g Greek Yoghurt, 1tbsp Blueberries, 5 Brazil nuts
Lunch - Mixed lead salad, 3 cherry tomatoes, 20g feta cheese, 8 greek olives and a small avocado
Tea - Quorn chicken pieces and mushrooms in a tomato sauce topped with 30grm chedder cheese and some baby corn.
Snacks - two pieces of dark chocolate.

I am within a healthy weight range but wanted to lose a few vanity pounds so I did a low fat plan that led to me gaining 3lb! I tracked my daily food intake though so could see that I was overloading on carbs. I am trying to be very sensible and view this as a way of eating rather than a diet. My job is moderately physical but I still havent felt hungry despite eating fewer calories than on my low fat plan. On the low fat plan I was so hungry I felt faint in between meals. I would appreciate any advice on how to improve further, but so far so good! Not sure on the weight loss yet because I havent weighed myself, but I feel better and my tummy is certainly flatter!

timidviper Wed 26-Jun-13 20:10:37

I have spent years eating a healthy, low fat, mediterranean type diet and wondering why I was getting fatter. Having got really large, I have switched to a low carb diet (started off with Pig 2 Twig then switched to bootcamp on here) and have lost almost 3 stone in 9 months while still having a life! I think I have also lost more inches than on other diets.

NooMyx Thu 27-Jun-13 18:18:56

It's only low cal if you're not using fat. I've been low carb for some years and with added double cream and lots of butter I'm eating more calories now than I did before. Hasn't stopped the weight coming off, luckily. smile

MamaBear17 Thu 27-Jun-13 18:49:47

Im eating around 80grams of fat a day! I'm not hungry at all in between meals so hopefully this means I am doing it right. I dont really like cream or oil on food. I am so used to cooking without added fat that my tastebuds have changed I think!

NooMyx Thu 27-Jun-13 19:00:51

Yea, I hated the very idea of fat tbh. I spent my childhood and youth being very paranoid of it and hating the taste and the mouth-feel, so it wasn't easy to all of a sudden just switch. The way I'm doing my macros at the moment, I aim for a minimum of a 100g a day, but then again I'm quite concerned of hitting my minimum of 1400 Kcal too, and it needs to come from somewhere.

Not saying this in a "you need to do like I do" kind of way; if you're not feeling hungry or unwell you can't be doing much wrong imo. grin

MamaBear17 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:52:09

Thanks, it is helpful to hear other peoples experiences. I had an ED and need to be able to constantly reassure myself that there is no rigid plan, I can be flexible, I can eat anything I want etc. That way, I wont fall back into dangerous habits. I have been in recovery for 5 years, but only truly kicked my ED when I got pregnant two years ago and started to eating for someone else. It is nice to hear your experiences because I will be able to increase my fat intake a bit if I need too.

NooMyx Sat 29-Jun-13 11:03:25

I agree that health after ED is much more important than any counting. smile I actually think my obsessive counting is a hang up from my ED (started counting calories in early teens already) and I force myself to have times when I don't count tbh.

TwasBrillig Sat 29-Jun-13 11:11:23

Are you eating enough? Especially if your job is physical? It doesn't look a lot.

MamaBear17 Sun 30-Jun-13 19:35:05

My portions are big - except for breakfast. I feel like I am eating enough because I am not hungry. Plus, I am sticking to it. I wouldn't if I was hungry. I am really enjoying it I have to say. It feels, dare I say it? Easy! For those asking earlier I have lost 5lb this week - half of what I intended to lose. However, I did do a 5k run and I do think a fair bit of it will be water, My clothes feel like they fit nicely again though!

Ruprekt Mon 01-Jul-13 06:47:16

Processed carbs bloat you too so you will end up with a flatter stomach due to no

I am a lifelong weight watcher but kept putting on and losing, putting on and losing.

Found BIWI and the low carb gang in January of this year and have not looked back!!

Fat and water are the key and a bulletproof coffee! grin

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