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Vegetarian newbie - help!

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MamaBear17 Tue 25-Jun-13 19:00:20

I only have a few vanity pounds to lose because I am not overweight, but I would like to lose half a stone. Anyway, I did a low fat, calorie controlled healthy eating thing for three weeks and gained three pounds! Luckily, I had tracked everything that I was eating on an app (similar to MFP) so I can really see where I am going wrong. Despite staying under 1700 calories a day, I had days where I was eating over 200grms of carbs! I did a bit of research and reading and decided that I have a sugar addiction and have supplemented my diet with carbs in place of meat. So, enough is enough! I have just completed my second day of low carb eating - staying just above 50g of carbs on both days (I am struggling a little to reduce it below 50g because I have been eating quorn with veggies or salad and quorn seems to have more carbs than I would have expected in it). However, looking at my intake on my app thing, I seem to be eating a lot less in terms of calories. Today, I have eaten 1200ish. I haven't felt hungry in between meals, but I would like some advice because I want to make sure I am doing it right, otherwise I will end up giving up (or worse, losing the weight and then putting it all back on again!). My fat intake has been around 70grams on both days (I am trying not to be scared at how high that is).
Am I doing this thing right? Does anyone have any advice on low carb veggie meals?

Thanks x

ghosteditor Fri 28-Jun-13 20:31:33

I did veggie low carb last year and lost about 30lbs (post-pregnancy).

I've had an injury that has left me unable to train recently and I've put on about 8-10lbs, so have around 7lbs to lose to be at a sensible weight.

I'm going to try to go a bit more hardcore and do 20-30g per day for the first week then 50-70 for a few weeks to see how I get on. I need some recipe ideas though!

Good luck - what you've described sounds sensible smile

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