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The new Paleo/Primal thread - please reintroduce yourself, newcomers welcome!

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misscph1973 Mon 24-Jun-13 13:53:00

Wow, we got to 1000 messages!

Welcome back from the previous thread and welcome to all new!

I have been Paleo since September last year, I started as an ex-vegetarian/vegan, I wanted to give up gluten and I had been doing 5:2/IF, which lead me to Paleo/primal. I am 40, I have 2 kids age 8 and 6. I have no major health issues, but I would like it to stay that way. I have bad skin, which has improved since starting Paleo and my dandruff has disappeared. I have gained some weight since starting Paleo, but I was not overweight before, although I would like to get back on my pre Paleo weight - I just love Paleo mayonnaise too much ;) I still practice IF and I lift weights 2-3 times per week. My family is also Paleo.

I have just come back from a camping weekend where I was not strict Paleo as I was camping with other families and I just didn't want to spend my entire weekend telling my kids "no, you cant have it". I do think that Paleo camping is entirely possible, think tinned fish, nuts, sausages, eggs etc.

snoworneahva Thu 11-Jul-13 06:46:51

Welcome Tilly!

Kelly my dcs will always chose my food, they prize it above everything else, which is quite flattering but it has always been my intention that I introduce them to good tasting real food so that the processed stuff pales in comparison and for the most part it has worked. School dinners is a flavour fail....but it's my fall back if they ever complain about not having Kit Kats, crisps and sweets drinks in their lunch box - they immediately stop complaining at the threat of having to endure the school dinner again.

I have a planned cheat tomorrow - dh and I are treating ourselves to have a Michellin starred lunch, I nearly cancelled because i was so worried about my skin but then thought life's too short! Really hope it doesn't go nuts afterwards but giraffe has reminded me to go straight to the steroids and not just suffer on - rashes are best contained because when they break out, they take on a life of their own without need for an irritant to continue.

How's everyone coping with the hot weather? I'm finding myself a little sloth like.....melting every evening into a snooze on the sofa.

FavadiCacao Thu 11-Jul-13 08:28:51

snow, have you tried switching to Castile soap and using pure aloe vera gel on your skin?
I buy this one.

Ds wanted junk food after the cinema, yesterday and I gave in. blush We went to the supermarket and scoured the aisles in search of the least bad. Ages later,--I'm sure it would have been quicker to cook-- he chose prawn crackers, salsa and some cooked prawns to defrost at home! I was really proud of him for reading every ingredient and knowing which ones to avoid! grin

FavadiCacao Thu 11-Jul-13 08:33:02

Oops! Enjoy your meal, snow smile

Giraffe could you remind me what channel was fat on, I'm hoping to find it on one the i players

Welcome to all new grin

Itstartshere Thu 11-Jul-13 08:33:30

I have to say I'm looking forward to doing some paleo compliant baking after my Whole 30. I'm not craving anything right now, which is a massive relief as I know this would be much worse if I was, but I still want to make something that resembles cake or scones or bread.

Day 7 here for me - the last 2 days have been grim with fatigue but I'm so far, touch wood, feeling much better today. Just trying to up my fat a bit and eat more starchy veg. This first week I've allowed myself bacon, some nuts and 2 portions of fruit a day but from now on the bacon is going, I'm going to reduce the nut portions and try to stick to one portion of fruit a day, just to see how I cope.

Still can't believe how delicious my meals are on this!!

RawCoconutMacaroon Thu 11-Jul-13 09:30:36

I watched fat sick and nearly dead last night- spent most of the program shouting "it's not the meat, it's the wheat!!!" At the TV.

Amazing transformation in both the docu-maker and the trucker, but the anti-meat revulsion got me a bit, it was like "a third of the plate is MEAT(disgusted voice, wrinkle of nose)" when looking at people's SAD diet.... Yes ok, and what about the grains in the meat product, and the pasta, and the bread that goes with it!

The autoimmune condition he (both people actually) is a recognised atypical presentation of celiac or gluten allergy- I wonder if he had a negative blood test for that (false negatives common), anyway, the 60 day juice fast WAS GRAIN FREE! So not surprising his autoimmune symptoms improved and disappeared.

Not sure what the "mostly vegan" diet the vegan dr was recommending for them after the juice fast phase (details were a bit lacking), but it sounded mostly raw fruit and veg, therefore not leaving much room for grain foods so I guess they will be getting a small fraction of the wheat they were eating on the SAD, it sounds woefully short of fats and proteins though that may be lack of explanation of the long term aspects.

I felt it was very anti animal products, interesting nonetheless.

tillyfernackerpants Thu 11-Jul-13 11:01:55

Hi everyone, thanks for the lovely welcome smile

Interesting what you've been saying about dc's following it too. My dses are carb monsters - love pasta/rice etc - as well as sugar but since I've been doing this my eldest has been showing an interest in it too. He's been asking for chicken for lunch instead of sandwiches and won't have flapjacks anymore. So happy he's taking an interest and making choices around it smile

misscph how are you doing without nuts? I've become addicted to macadamia nuts since starting this so limiting myself to one handful per day.

raw programme sounds interesting, was it on BBC?

misscph1973 Thu 11-Jul-13 11:20:38

Raw, interesting to hear about the tv-program, will see if I can find it elsewhere (did you see it on channel 5?). I have had similar thoughts myself about raw food and green smoothies (which I have had a fair share of myself), that the absence of grains (and processed food) is more likely to be the reason people get better on these diets, rather than the absence of meat.

tilly, I am doing fine without nuts, thank you for asking. I have been having fruit instead, peaches, strawberries and sharon fruits. DH has just asked me to stock up on almonds, though, and I am pretending that I keep forgetting or just "not going to that shop" ;)

I am really hungry today, as I am IF'ing, not having breakfast, and I can't wait for lunch!

RawCoconutMacaroon Thu 11-Jul-13 13:43:53

I think the program was on 5, not sure tho.

GiraffesEatPineapples Fri 12-Jul-13 17:02:27

I am wondering a bit off path as doing birthday baking and keep licking the spoon ;) Resisting the broken biscuits so at least thats something! Colouring fondant my little pony colours tonight blush

Having a meal of cod, samphire and brocolli and trying to make a dip from squash this eve yum.

I think jucing is interesting as at least in both cases it cleared up their symptoms which paleo prob wouldn't have without becoming complicated, ie aip, but for the long term it can't be optimum?

Mmmm macademia nuts, so good with dark choc.

snow how was your meal smile

FavadiCacao Sat 13-Jul-13 10:59:53

I finally watched the program on channel 5.
Loving my vegetables and some fruit and being hot, I was curious about the recipes to make delicious drinks (I would drink V8 all day if it weren't processed!)
I was pleasantly surprised to find out the juices are not as carby as I thought and also I realised I eat more vegetables in one day that those on the diet plan! grin

The results Joe and his American counterpart have achieved are amazing but Dr Terry Wahl's speech is my favourite inspirational video

Itstartshere Sat 13-Jul-13 20:31:26

Urgh today was hard! I went somewhere where there was an ice cream van. It was there for an hour with people coming back from it with their mountains of the stuff. I didn't have one, but it was a tough test! I keep reminding myself of my goals and how amazing I will feel if I can lose weight, but it's still hard to resist sugar on a hot day like today

snoworneahva Sun 14-Jul-13 07:34:20

Hi giraffe the meal was good but not the best, nothing made my heart sing but I was stupid and had bread - and I suffered for it sad. It was a good reminder as to why I eat the way I do, I think my gluten cheating days are gone, the discomfort is too much.

tillyfernackerpants Sun 14-Jul-13 11:17:50

Itstartshere well done on resisting the icecream! I got a recipe off another thread for frozen bananas blended with almond milk, it's delicious. Not much use when you're out and about I know, but it's good as a treat when you get home.

Favadi thanks for the link to the juicing website, I'm loving smoothies atm but would like to mix in some veg so I can have a quick meal that's not just fruit.

I've been doing ok, but find myself slipping, especially if I'm having a busy day which is just frustrating. I've started a food diary & weight loss spreadsheet so hoping that can keep me on track.

misscph1973 Sun 14-Jul-13 14:59:26

Almond addiction update: Since giving up almonds for just over a week, I have lost more than 1 kg of body weight! Unfortunately it is probably mainly loss of muscle mass as I have not been lifting weights for about 2 weeks as it has been too hot and I have been too busy with work - and I still can't fit into my skinny jeans from 2 years ago. But never the less interesting that almonds appear to be the culprit of my weight gain.

GiraffesEatPineapples Sun 14-Jul-13 22:29:57

snow a shame the food wasn't amazing but its proabbly a reflection of the good food you have been making for yourself day to day; non paleo food is def not as delicious to me anymore. Have you tried sourdough bread to see what effect it has on you - I thought this on cheeseslaves blog was interesting sourdough

miscpph interesting you dropped weight so quickly by skipping almonds - could you lose muscle so quickly - maybe it is fat you have lost!

Tried frozen slices of banana blended on their own for ice cream recently and was yum (need to be really ripe though) also did frozen mango blended for sorbet.

Itstartshere Mon 15-Jul-13 20:12:03

I'm definitely going to try the paleo ice creams after my whole 30 - looking forward to frozen coconut milk with maybe some strawberries and a bit of honey. Yum.

I'm on day 11, and into my stride now. Loving not feeling hungry anymore and really enjoying the food. I'm just keen to start seeing some more weight loss! I'm struggling to cut down my fruit and nut intake (only have a small handful each day but I hear it can stop you losing weight and I'm very sedentary)

misscph1973 Mon 15-Jul-13 21:37:46

Itstartshere, did yopu know that Laverstock makes buffalo milk ice cream? I have not had it, but would like to ;)

Well done on making it to 21 days on whole 30!
For me personally nuts seem to be a major issue for weight loss, but it may not be for you. How is your carb intake?

FavadiCacao Tue 16-Jul-13 12:01:28

Itstartshere I had the same problem with fruit and nuts. The solution for me was to switch to lower GI fruit. here is a table.

miss Well done in giving up the almonds! smile I had to give up the nuts too, whilst trying to lose weight.

Well ds is really enjoying the juicing and, as my juicer is a bit rubbish, we've been making ice lollies with the pulp! smile The chickens have enjoyed the vegetables pulp but I'll freeze some next time into ice-cubes trays to use as flavouring in sauces and soups.
Saying that I'm not sure how long I can keep up the extra cleaning! wink

FavadiCacao Tue 16-Jul-13 12:04:01

Giraffe very interesting about the sourdough. Have you tried making it?

FavadiCacao Thu 18-Jul-13 13:32:38

The closest to UK Paleo site I have come across: The saffron girl. There are some lovely recipes in there grin

Itstartshere Thu 18-Jul-13 15:33:32

Buffalo milk ice cream, wow! Have to try that.

I am so chuffed today. You're not supposed to weigh yourself on the whole 30 but I really felt I needed to, just to see if this is paying off. I've lost 4 pounds in two weeks. That was such a boost, as I lost a lb a month on my low fat diet. My clothes are noticeably baggier too. I know some people who cheat on weighing themselves regret it but it has made me more determined to cut out the nuts. I'm still enjoying the carby veg like sweet potatoes which are allowed on this, but I'm not needing them so going to reduce them a bit just to get the carb count down lower. But not stressing about that in anyway, I'm quite happy to eat them if I fancy them.

buildingmycorestrength Thu 18-Jul-13 15:43:45

Y'all fell off my list! Hello again. grin.

Thought you'd be interested that I went to GP today to update him about my various health things, and mentioned in passing that I had stopped eating grains, felt much better for it, finally had a normal relationship with food, and was slowly losing weight. He didn't bat an eyelid, just said, 'Sounds great, very good.'

RawCoconutMacaroon Thu 18-Jul-13 17:16:19

grin building... IMO, more than a few gp's are eating this way themselves! I'm married to one, and know several others. However I think it's going to be a while before HCP are giving out grain free (or safer grain) lifestyle as official advice. I know dh does advise it in "maybe you could try this, many people feel better eating like this" sort of way, but it's a bit difficult when much of it conflicts with official advice (very little of which has any scientific evidence backing it up anyway!).

buildingmycorestrength Thu 18-Jul-13 20:43:54

I keep asking myself what nutritional value is other in grains really? When people get worried that I am missing out I just say that I hardly need carbs as I can't exercise and get all my nutrition elsewhere. I mean, what vitamins are in pasta or porridge anyway?
Sort of rhetorical but would also like to know. Could Google it, I just quite lazy and more interested in your opinion.

misscph1973 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:51:29

Two lovely Paleoish things this week:

I am going to Denmark, my native country, for five weeks, leaving next week, and I have been more than a little worried about sticking to Paleo. Yesterday my mum e-mailed me that she is reading Sara Fargosos Everyday Paleo and loving it!

Today when queuing in Waitrose, the teenage boy behind me was talking to his girlfriend about how he didn't want to eat pasta any more as "the gluten attacks your intestines". I nearly turned around and started talking to them! But then I thought they would just think I was a crazy old bat, as my speech was slurry because I had just come out of the dentists for a tooth extraction and the local anaesthetics was still very much working, so I left it and just enjoyed the idea that young people are catching on to this.

On another note, last week my DS came out of school with a mini pizza they had made and he was so proud. It took at lot of convincing to get him to agree that we could peel off the toppings and put them over a base of potato slices. He was quite happy with the result. Later in the week, he showed me his paper work for the project, and in the section where the question is "If you did it again, what would you do different?", he had written "I wouldn't do it again, I am not allowed bread". I felt a bit mean and wondered what the teachers thought of that, but he hasn't mentioned it, so I guess it's not as big a deal as I fear.

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