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The new Paleo/Primal thread - please reintroduce yourself, newcomers welcome!

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misscph1973 Mon 24-Jun-13 13:53:00

Wow, we got to 1000 messages!

Welcome back from the previous thread and welcome to all new!

I have been Paleo since September last year, I started as an ex-vegetarian/vegan, I wanted to give up gluten and I had been doing 5:2/IF, which lead me to Paleo/primal. I am 40, I have 2 kids age 8 and 6. I have no major health issues, but I would like it to stay that way. I have bad skin, which has improved since starting Paleo and my dandruff has disappeared. I have gained some weight since starting Paleo, but I was not overweight before, although I would like to get back on my pre Paleo weight - I just love Paleo mayonnaise too much ;) I still practice IF and I lift weights 2-3 times per week. My family is also Paleo.

I have just come back from a camping weekend where I was not strict Paleo as I was camping with other families and I just didn't want to spend my entire weekend telling my kids "no, you cant have it". I do think that Paleo camping is entirely possible, think tinned fish, nuts, sausages, eggs etc.

Karbea Tue 07-Jan-14 20:26:59

Still doing ok, although didn't eat much today. Have had a packet of crisps and a chocolate coin :/ rest all Paleo.

mary21 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:20:08


educatingarti Wed 08-Jan-14 16:21:24

Hi there. Can I join in? I'm five days into Paleo. I'm following ideas from the Practical Paleo book, but I am allowing myself a little bit of dairy (milk in tea) and the odd tiny bit of sugar in condiments like ketchup, pickle etc. I've been motivated by reading the book. I have fibromyalgia and I'm hoping it might help me recover a bit from this. I am absolutely avoiding all grains.

So far, no real impact on fibro but I've lost 3 pounds since Sunday which is very unusual for me ( previously on a standard "healthy" diet cutting out cake and sweets etc I would lose 1/2 to 1 pound a week). Is this normal for starting Paleo ( not that I'm not delighted!) ?

It is a real effort for me to do the Paleo diet as cooking isn't exactly my strong point and it is involving a lot more meal planning, cooking and shopping than normal but I'm determined to do it for at leas t a fortnight and see where I go from there.

I don't have a gallbladder and have had some mild gripey pain and I'm wondering if I'm overdoing the fats but I'm trying to balance me meals a bit more so I'm not eating so many extremely fatty meals all day.

Any other advice on tackling the fibro?

giraffeseatpineapples Thu 09-Jan-14 16:06:08

Hope it helps with your fibro, I remember you had pain/ carb flu has it lessened yet?

giraffeseatpineapples Thu 09-Jan-14 16:07:43

Actually, just thought it might be worth keeping a food diary then you can cut out and reintroduce things that seem to be having side effects.

Itstartshere Thu 09-Jan-14 19:23:25

Welcome educating. I have no gallbladder but haven't experienced any issues on this woe, thankfully. Not sure if others do.

I have read that lots of people get helped if they have fibro, but just give it time. At least 1-6 months, I think. I have M.E and have seen no difference so far, unfortunately, but still so glad to be eating like this. Really, if you want to know if this is going to help a health issue you need to totally cute sugar and dairy, at least for the first month. Have a look into the Whole 30. It's tough, but so many people do get helped by doing it, and work out what triggers their symptoms. I now eat a little Greek yogurt some days and will eat some cheese/milk if offered it as I don't seem to have an issue with dairy, but sugar, if I have too much I do get more symptoms. I wouldn't have known these things if I didn't do a Whole 30. You need to even think about cutting nightshades/eggs/nuts if the sugar and dairy thing doesn't help, as they can trigger symptoms. I've not had the guts to go down that route yet!

educatingarti Fri 10-Jan-14 16:07:19

Thanks for the welcome. The pain has lessened - more back to usual Fibro levels so that is good (ish). To be honest, I'm finding it hard enough to manage the change to what I'm doing now without going no dairy and totally no sugar or cutting out nightshades.

I'm mainly following the practical paleo "immune problems" 30 day meal plan which is no dairy or sugar or eggs but I am doing some egg based meals and allowing just a little sugar in condiments and milk in tea/coffee as it really would be too hard for me otherwise at the moment.

A food diary is a good idea. I think I need another week or so, just to get established then I can start to analyse what might be happening.

I've lessened the fat content a bit over the last couple of days ( more baking stuff rather than frying) and think stomach is more settled but I'm more hungry! I think I need to get the balance somewhere in the middle.

giraffeseatpineapples Sun 12-Jan-14 00:46:38

Maybe you could increase good fat such as oily fish and avacados to help fill up a bit more? hope it all works out

Wiifitmama Sun 12-Jan-14 19:15:53

Hi all. I am crawling (or should it be rolling?) back in here if you'll have me. I lost 110 pounds on low carb of varying kinds but settled on paleo. Spent a year maintaining within healthy BMI. But I have been bouncing up and down since December. Just got back from a week's holiday where all good eating went out of the window. Tomorrow is D-day where I must get things back under control and I really need some support please.

I do best on no grain, no dairy. I d

Wiifitmama Sun 12-Jan-14 19:18:41


I don't eat much substitute things (I.e. Stuff baked using coconut flour, almond flour etc). My weakest points are chocolate and nuts which I tend to overeat but don't really want to cut completely.

I will get on the scales tomorrow morning and feel sure I have crossed that line into overweight. For me, it is also health related. I get terrible IBS with grains, constipation with dairy, and inflammation symptoms with sugar.

Bexicles Sun 12-Jan-14 19:23:33

Hi, I'm considering going Paleo but am a little confused about what's allowed. I've read that legumes and root veggies are not Paleo, is this right and why? Also would I be able to continue to have overnight oats with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast if I decided to initially do 20/80? Any advice at all welcome, thanks

educatingarti Sun 12-Jan-14 21:13:03

As far as I know root veg are fine for paleo - I'm eating

RawCoconutMacaroon Sun 12-Jan-14 22:38:54

Welcome back wiifit!

Bex - of course you can choose to eat what you like, we are not the diet police wink, but consider starting strict (ie cutting out ALL) grains for the first few weeks, then adding back gluten free oats if you want to.

Firstly, if you don't do an exclusion for a few weeks, you might not realise they are affecting you (your cut, your skin, or whatever). SOME people do eat mostly paleo with some grains but they tend to prepare them in certain ways (sprouting and soaking) to minimise the harmful substances in them.

Being strict at the start for a few weeks will also give you a good weightloss boost and help you move away from bad eating habits (or what many would consider "normal" eating habits!). 80/20 is too risky at the start IMO, best to shift weigh and change habits first... Bit that's just my opinion.

Root veg are fine if you are keeping carb levels modest (as compared with a standard diet), but best to focus on lower carb veg and leaves. White potato - some do eat it but again, is suggest not for the first few weeks or months, and only in modest amounts if you do... Sweet potato and carrot are better starchy veg, tastier too if you ask me!

RawCoconutMacaroon Sun 12-Jan-14 22:39:31

*your gut

RawCoconutMacaroon Sun 12-Jan-14 22:42:12

Bex - Marks Daily Apple blog is an excellent and sensible free resource and will probably tell you all you need to know (lots of recipes too).

Bexicles Mon 13-Jan-14 21:05:57

Thank you for replying, I think I'm going to alternate between an advocado pear and scrambled/boiled eggs from breakfast then and see how it goes. I'll have a look at the apple blog as well. smile

giraffeseatpineapples Sat 25-Jan-14 19:56:40


Went a bit mad buying health books in the works as they have a code for 30 % off BLUEX. Delivery is £3.99 but free if you spend £20. There is a sep code for free delivery but wont work with the other code and I can't find it now.

after discount I got the paleo diet by Daniel Green £3.50 (this book is in my local waitrose!)
Low carb revolution for health by Annie Bell £3.50
Escape the diet trap john briffa £2.60
There were lots of other books on health diet and exercise and some sale kids ones too. I got quiet a few blush

giraffeseatpineapples Sat 25-Jan-14 19:57:15

RawCoconutMacaroon Sun 26-Jan-14 00:02:08

Paleo gets a mention on the front page of today Sunday Telegraph!

kate2001 Sun 26-Jan-14 08:07:50

I've been trying to follow primal/paleo for several months- with increasing success! I'd love to join the forum and share some ideas and support.

I first found primal and the MDA website when trying to lose weight, first through slim world and then 5:2. After experiencing some of the benefits of this way of eating I am now more focused on pursuing energy and health- hopefully with some weight loss too (so far 3.5 Stone lost!)

Looking forward to saying hello to you all,

giraffeseatpineapples Mon 27-Jan-14 22:48:38

Wow kate what amazing weightloss well done! There was quite a few of us posting on here last summer who found our way to the paleo thread through 5:2.

Raw, cool, I will google telegraph article, whenever I check my yahoo mail recently there seems to be articles on their homepage about how kale is the trendy new veg of the moment grin

I am trying to do the bootcamp thread which is a really good source of meal ideas and weightloss support. I am not doing very well at it yet though as have been virusey and it is taking soooo long to clear up. Dp was blaming low carb so I went off plan demonstrating it wasn't diet making me ill as here I am still exhausted and coldy ... sigh.

Have been reading Gary Taubes the diet delusion, its a bit of a tome and I think its a bit out of date but it is really interesting and persuasive, almost brain washingly so!

goodasitgets Wed 29-Jan-14 07:42:24

Out of interest does anyone calorie count with paleo?

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 29-Jan-14 09:52:04

No calorie counting but sometimes I carb count for a day or two, usually if I feel I've been suffering a bit of "carb creep" grin, the symptoms of which (for me), is starting to get hungry ie blood sugar up and down too much.

goodasitgets Wed 29-Jan-14 10:05:06

Thanks. I'm using my fitness all as a tracking and it's put me at 1800 calories a day

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 29-Jan-14 10:18:25

Really, you shouldn't need to calorie count but as my Paleo Heroes Robb Wolf, Mark "Daily apple" and all have said, don't calorie count, except sometimes you need to if your portion sizes don't regulate themselves (although that may be due to eating too much protein and not enough fat). Really you want to be moving towards small portions of nutrient dense (and high calorie!) food/meals. If you have been on low fat, calorie counting long term (like most of us before we start this woe I guess), you are used to eating large portions of low nutrient food (example veg is great but 500g of mushrooms/broccoli or whatever in one sitting because is got 60 calories isn't great! Served with dry grilled chicken breast was a fairly typical starvation diet meal for me).

50g mushrooms fried with herbs and coconut oil and/or butter, a spring onion and a lamb chop is a VERY satisfying meal (and I serve pretty much everything with a handful of salad leaves too)... The calorie count would probably scare you but less hunger means less snacking, and also small portions of high fat meals means your stomach shrinks back down so when you do have the occasional blow out, you are physically not capable of eating the volume of food that you used to... So less damage done smile!

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