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Bootcamp and Dukan

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CJMommy Sun 23-Jun-13 21:32:10


I've been doing the Dukan diet for two weeks now and have lost 9lbs smile. However, I've also been reading the bootcamp threads. I can see how they differ in terms of rules but they both seem to give good results too.

I'm just looking for opinions as to which is the better, most sustainable one long term?


Drywhiteplease Mon 24-Jun-13 08:00:51

Can't comment on boot camp, but I lost 18lb on Dukan 18 months ago and have maintained it without a problem. I don't really do the pp day once a week, but just really watch my carb/ sugar intake. For me it's a fab diet.
Well done with your weight loss so far

BlackAffronted Mon 24-Jun-13 16:24:16

Dukan is way too severe in my opnion, and not a way to eat forever. I love bootcamp though.

CJMommy Tue 25-Jun-13 00:15:57

Thanks both! I think Dukan is working for me at the moment but I do wonder whether I should consider switching over to bootcamp at some point? I guess I'm having difficulty equating eating high fat with losing weight...... Years of dieting - SW/WW and the like!

LongDeadMotherofHorrors Thu 27-Jun-13 09:51:33

Hi CJMommy - Does the Bootcamp diet recommend high fat intake? Dukan focuses on low carb AND low fat. I've been doing Dukan for 10 months now and the only fat I have is fish oil in the fish I eat. I eat really low fat meats, lots of eggs and fish and my main carb is oats. I feel fantastic on this regime. I know other people who have stuck with the Dukan diet with sustainable results. It does take a while to adjust to but once you get the hang of it ....I lost 3 stone doing it and have kept it off so far. Good luck.

mistlethrush Thu 27-Jun-13 09:54:34

DH has lost loads on the Dukan and has managed to stick with the (losing weight) option for a year so far... he sees it as a completely possible long-term solution. If it helps him lose and keep the weight off, I completely support him in that, even though it often means we're eating different things (I'm vegetarian and it really doesn't work for me).

prettybird Thu 27-Jun-13 10:02:05

I don't know much about Dukan but I have to say that having followed Boot Camp since 7 January and enjoying the tastiness of the food, I can vouch for its success: I've lost over 2 and a half stone and am now within normal BMI.

From the reading I've done, I'm happy with the science behind the high fat - in particular to protect the brain.

I've also noticed how my shape has changed. Being post-menopausal, my previously good waist had thickened. On this diet, I have lost over 12cm off my waist (haven't measured recently). Given that "apple" shapes are seen to be unhealthy as it suggests fat around your organs, the fact that my waist is so good again I can only see as healthy.

I know that others on the Boot Camp who, for health reasons (eg diabetics) have needed to have blood tests have seen their critical measures improving.

mistlethrush Thu 27-Jun-13 10:24:18

DH has lost about 18" off his waist doing Dukan... it might be a bit more.... grin

prettybird Thu 27-Jun-13 14:58:00

That's brilliant smile

I was just trying to reassure people re that fat on Boot Camp ( which is High Fat, Low Carb) that, counter-intuitively, the fat is not laid down and is not the evil we have been conditioned to believe it is. Once your metabolism has become ketogenically adapted, then the fat becomes the chosen "fuel" for your body.

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