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Will sucralose ruin a low carb diet?

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MyBloominMarvellousYoni Wed 19-Jun-13 17:29:50

I am drinking a flavoured water in order to drink enough as I hate normal water.

It has no carbs in but is sweetened with Sucralose. Could this prevent me from loosing weight?

I really hope not but I'm worried about it.

decaffwithcream Wed 19-Jun-13 17:42:07

Post the question on the Week 8 thread OP and you'll get a quick response from the people who know!

MyBloominMarvellousYoni Wed 19-Jun-13 18:19:16

Will do thank you smile

Abouttime Wed 19-Jun-13 20:07:16

I'm the same as you op. I hate normal water, it sometimes make me gag so I'm drinking at least 1 litre of sparkling flavoured water, 1 coke zero & a litre of plain water if I can, if not I drink sparkling flavoured.

I've been doing it just over 3 weeks & have lost 8lbs (had 2 stone to lose).

For me sparkling water is a must but I may re evaluate IF I stop losing.

MyBloominMarvellousYoni Wed 19-Jun-13 21:24:01

Hmm that has given me something to think about. I am glad you are losing despite drinking sweeteners.

The consenus on the bootcamp thread is no sweeteners at all.

If it is working for you I may carry on and if my weight isn't shifting I will re-evaluate.

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