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Doing my online shop, does anyone have the perfect shopping list for a new low carber?

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WillieWaggledagger Tue 11-Jun-13 15:50:18

too late for you sorry, but quark is too low fat i think (not 100% sure, i have never bought it, but i think of it as low fat) - i would go for cream cheese instead

go for tuna in olive oil, non-lean mince, leeks/shallots instead of onions. full fat greek yoghurt (total is a good brand)

NobodyPutsMyBabyInTheCorner Tue 11-Jun-13 09:29:38

Hi Soul, thanks- can you eat quark?

HeySoulSister Tue 11-Jun-13 09:26:18

Green veg, eggs, tinned tuna,cheese,cream, butter,salad. Meat an fish too

NobodyPutsMyBabyInTheCorner Tue 11-Jun-13 09:13:52

My title pretty much explains it all- I have until 12.12pm before my delivery slot expires!

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