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Can anyone give me a very simple meal plan for beginners

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Bestseller Mon 10-Jun-13 18:43:45

I know I have to cut down on carbs, I'm a proper addict. I think I've eaten 10 (TEN) slices of bread and honey today, plus biscuits blush . I also know it makes me feel rubbish, although I'm not overweight and in my defence I probably needed (some of) it as I did a half-marathon yesterday.

I've tried often to cut down but find I'm either starving or eat a whole block of cheese in a day. I do need to eat a decent amount of calories because I exercise a lot.

Would anyone be lovely enough to suggest (say) three days of simple meals to get me started?

cathan Tue 11-Jun-13 10:19:24

There's a very good website which gives lots of info on going low carb ( and it's not all about losing weight (which you don't seem to need) but instead concentrates on the health benefits of eating low carb. A good low carb diet is NOT low in fat and your description of eating a "block of cheese" sounds perfect, especially after a bout of serious exercise - certainly very much better for you than bread and honey! If you click on the "sample menus" button you'll find some suggested menus. Unfortunately the site is US based so the quantities are in ounces and cups etc, but you'll get some really good ideas of what to eat. Hope this helps.

Bestseller Tue 11-Jun-13 19:35:22

Thank you

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