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Nearing my goal weight - how to transition off low-carb to low-GI without putting the weight back on?

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thereistheball Thu 06-Jun-13 12:53:19

I have lost my copies of IPD and can't remember in which order to reintroduce which foods as I approach my goal-weight. Last time I messed it up and put a lot of weight back on. My endocrinologist gives me dire warnings that it will all happen again unless I'm very careful. I'm 5kg away from my goal weight and want to start gently reintroducing things like lentils, fruit and small amounts of wholemeal carbs back into my diet (wine and chocolate never really left it). I've never counted carbs so instructions like 'add 5g carbs a week' are meaningless to me. Please can someone advise me?

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