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Paleo-ish Kids? Recipes to share

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Salbertina Wed 05-Jun-13 11:24:08

Anyone keen?

Starter for 10-

Almond pancakes
Cauli pizza
Oopsie burgers

3ismylot Wed 05-Jun-13 13:05:17

Cinnamon rolls
broccoli cheese
paleo "lasagne"
Paleo chicken nuggets/ Fishfingers
Pulled pork
Sweet potato chips

Are a few things my kids enjoy x

Salbertina Wed 05-Jun-13 14:59:33

Thanks, 3. What are your cinnamon rolls?

3ismylot Wed 05-Jun-13 16:22:23

They are amazing for breakfast grin

I use this recipe

But feel free to use butter instead of coconut oil as its cheaper!
I dont glaze with oil but I do serve them warm with a good slug of maple syrup wink

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