Insomnia - looking for advice

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Itshotoday Sat 23-May-20 09:10:34


I’m not doing the Low carb boot camp (as think I would be disqualified) but I had some success with low carb recently but it gave me awful insomnia. I’ve taken electrolytes I don’t think it’s that I just think I almost gain too much energy with it. It was great during the day but 4 hours sleep at night.

The only other thing I though of doing is having a small amount of carb before bed such as porridge - will this negate the effects (all those awesome energy and mood increases I gained from) low carb?

I didn’t only do it properly for a few days and one day v low. I have done low carb many years ago and this was a consistent problem. I also can’t sleep if I haven’t eaten enough so annoying.

Anyone else have any tips? I hope it’s ok to post here..

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