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ditavonteesed Sat 29-Feb-20 08:27:16

Hi, I actually joined you guys but I haven't been on the threads as I find I get a little obsessive. I started on 20th jan and have lost 10kg. Had a stall in week 4 and am now back to dropping at least half a pound a day. I am slightly worried about how quickly the weight is coming off, I know that sounds bonkers but I have tried everything over the years and never lost weight like this (I even did boot Camp a few years ago). I got diagnosed with hypothyroid last year and have finally got my levels right so I think that is contributing.
I have tried to stop myself weighing every 5 minutes and now do once a day and use happy scale.
I have started to worry about the other end, how do you stop that weight loss without regaining? I am a way off that yet although at the rate it's coming off only a couple of months.
Do you have to do ketogenic forever (not that I mind it's been liberating)?
Also how do you stop yourself going down a bad route where you become completely obsessed with weight and scales? I find I eat very little now and the last couple of days I have felt unwell, I'm sure it's just a cold or something but I'm worried it's because I'm not eating enough.
Generally I feel well and have lots of energy, am doing lots of exercise so my main question is is it ok for weight to be coming off so quickly and how do you stop it when you get to goal?
Ps sorry for the waffling.

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Ryantrain Sat 29-Feb-20 11:33:13

Low carb for life or with either one day a week cheat day or for special occasions or increasing carbs while monitoring weight and symptoms till you find your sweet spot.

Google keto maintenance

Most juat add more berries, bit of sweet potato, more nuts, more cheese n cream. Its a way of life because your metabolism changes

BIWI Sun 01-Mar-20 23:06:13

How much more weight do you have to lose?

General advice is that when you reach your target weight that you start to increase your carbs gradually, by re-introducing things like pulses/legumes, and some carbier vegetables, until you start to gain weight.

But I'm a bit worried about your post as it does sound like you're at the beginning of a dysfunctional relationship with food. Be careful! Make sure you really are eating enough food, and the right kind of food as well.

ditavonteesed Mon 02-Mar-20 07:35:15

I've got about another 16kg to lose to be in the middle of healthy weight range. I was originally thinking hopefully I could get there by the end of the year but I wasn't expected this rate of weight loss. I'm trying to make sure I focus on good home made foods and plenty of green veg and salad. I have just found myself to be not hungry at all so often miss at least one meal a day.

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BIWI Mon 02-Mar-20 07:43:57

Missing one meal a day shouldn't be a problem - and there are people who do OMAD (one meal a day) but I've never been convinced about how necessary that is.

But if you're eating well, and getting lots of protein and fat, what you're doing sounds fine.

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