Has anyone tried 'chaffles'?

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Destinysdaughter Thu 19-Sep-19 21:38:40

Apparently they are the latest thing taking the low carb world by storm! I'm on a low carb Facebook group and everyone is raving about them. Essentially they are a version of the father pizza dough made in a waffle maker. ( and therevare kots of different verdions, some with almond or coconut flour, some with mayonnaise etc). I tried one the other day but cooked it in my sandwich maker and it was pretty nice. I've since gone and bought a waffle maker ( of course) so I can make them properly, but wondered if anyone had tried them and what did you think of them?

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Destinysdaughter Thu 19-Sep-19 21:40:05

Fathead not father!!

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Destinysdaughter Thu 19-Sep-19 21:42:47

Here are some examples


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Cauliflowerpower Thu 19-Sep-19 22:19:24

No but I have read a few of the recipes... not got a waffle maker though.... #nothelpfulsorry

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Mon 23-Sep-19 11:46:22

Sounds amazing ! not sure if it is worth the investment in a waffle maker however.

Cauliflowerpower Mon 23-Sep-19 16:00:29

I haven't a waffle maker but thought I'd try the batter and fry it. It was ok. Needed less cheese and was a bit over cooked. I mad 2 small rounds and made it up like a bacon sandwich. I think I preferred the pancakes that I've made before (have still put a waffle maker in my amazon wishlist lol)

Cauliflowerpower Mon 23-Sep-19 16:01:04

Also the recipe I used had almond flour in it so wasnt eggy


RainOrSun Mon 23-Sep-19 17:44:08

DH makes them if I've made waffles for breakfast. He likes them. The rest of us (who are not low carb) aren't impressed.

Destinysdaughter Tue 01-Oct-19 20:32:58

Im going to try a pizza chaffle tomorrow, I'll let you know how I get on...

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Destinysdaughter Thu 03-Oct-19 13:36:56

Here it is, was pretty tasty!

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Grimbles Thu 07-Nov-19 22:47:10

What does half a cup of cheese equal in proper measurements 🤣

NonUrinatInVentum Thu 07-Nov-19 22:51:35

2 eggs, 35g of grated mozzarella and a teaspoon of psyllium husk then add whatever else you want.

For sweet ones I add a tiny bit of stevia and cinnamon. They're lush!!

bringbackthesun Tue 19-Nov-19 22:27:40

These sound amazing. I wonder if they’d work in a toastie machine?

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