Is this the right place for KETO ?

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WelshMoth Sat 27-Apr-19 20:35:15

I like the thought of KETO since you can have a small amount of certain fruit and veg.

Anyone with any tips?

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CatToddlerUprising Sat 27-Apr-19 20:42:03

These are the basics and deciding what type of keto you want to do. The Facebook groups called Keto UK community and Easy Keto UK are good to join. I’d start off by using Carb manager or Fitness Pal to track in the beginning. Use a carb calculator to decide your protein, fat and calorie intake but carbs should be under 20g per day

WelshMoth Sat 27-Apr-19 20:57:41

Thanks! Not on FB but will download the app - is it My Fitness Pal?

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CatToddlerUprising Sat 27-Apr-19 21:01:41

That’s the one- you can set the carbs manually on there without the premium membership. Drink loads of water! I have found Keto makes me very thirsty

WelshMoth Sat 27-Apr-19 22:09:43

Cat I'm so grateful to you. Thanks for your advice! thanks

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WelshMoth Sun 28-Apr-19 07:21:07

I've downloaded a KETO app as well - am having conflicted messages re mushroom. Does anyone know what the carbs are for mushrooms? Also, I read online that to work out your carbs, you have to minus fibre - am confused as to whether this is already done in many of these apps/recipes.

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CatToddlerUprising Sun 28-Apr-19 08:59:03

Carbs in the UK already have fibre deducted. When you use any app to look up the carb content of food- put the name of the supermarket before it (e.g. Tesco mushrooms). Mushrooms are great for Keto


CatToddlerUprising Sun 28-Apr-19 10:13:13
These books are great for recipes

WelshMoth Sun 28-Apr-19 17:14:38

Thanks again Cat. Have stocked up in supermarket and am starting tomorrow. DH dusting off the bathroom scales and am weighing tomorrow morning (just as a starting comparison). I'll get those books tomorrow - The Works isn't far from work.

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WelshMoth Mon 29-Apr-19 19:27:40

Can anyone suggest a free app that helps
Track KETO? I downloaded one and after just a day, it's telling me to ugrade.

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BIWI Wed 01-May-19 11:49:22

Not really the right place - this is a specific low carb plan we're following. You're probably better off posting in the low carb topic for keto ideas.

WelshMoth Thu 02-May-19 19:10:11

Ok, thanks BIWI.

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