Just eaten half a tiger loaf!

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BrassicaBabe Mon 27-Aug-18 22:32:37

I've been LCHF for nearly a year. I'm happy, content this is a new lifelong WOE for me.

I've gone from 11.3 to 9.8. V happy! (I've also taken up running. I am a runner grin)

But boy do those carbs reign your back in sometimes. It's been downhill since a little slip on Friday.

Friday night I pinched a piece of DSs pizza. On Saturday I finished off the pizza and the left over salt and vinegar crisps. I can't remember what I cheated with yesterday but I was very aware with the carbs calling me! Today I've eaten about half a chocolate orange (I don't even particularly like chocolate). Then I let myself be tempted by fresh tiger loaf. Once I started I keep on going! 😩 I've eaten about half a dozen slices.

Ok. So the day is done. The world won't end. And I'm back on the wagon tomorrow. But doesn't cheating make it increasingly hard to climb back on that wagon?!!

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Haworthia Wed 29-Aug-18 15:40:40

Oh, definitely. I’ve been struggling to be properly in the low carb mindset all year. A few pounds have crept back on and I’m currently feeling bloated as hell on holiday grin

Things will be a-changing when I’m back home next week.

prettybird Wed 29-Aug-18 18:45:15

You'll get back on the wagon.

I've worked out that I can have one small aberration and get back on track - but any more than that/a longer period makes the wagon accelerate further away and get more difficult to catch blush

Essentially I'm a Moderator rather than an Abstainer.

I've still got another stone to go to get to target, so I can't let myself go too often just yet. I have however (between Boot Camps) treated myself to the odd slice of home made sourdough bread, warm from the oven blush (Purely for scientific purposes of course, as I was testing a new recipe/technique for the bread I make occasionally for dh, ds and friends wink)

qumquat Wed 29-Aug-18 21:22:46

I find after a carb binge I need to focus on getting back to 3 meals a day before I can then cut out the carbs again. Make sure you're eating lots of veg and keeping your fat content high.

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